Major False Flag Terror Attack During Boston Marathon

Spotter pictured on the roof.

Spotter pictured on the roof.


The Boston bombing contains all the hallmarks of a state sponsored false flag terror attack. Just as on 9/11 and 7/7 the attacks just happened to coincide with a training drill, as the above official tweet confirms. Bomb sniffing dogs were witnessed at the start and finish lines. Boston marathon runner Alastair Stevenson says that as the explosions erupted at the Boston Marathon this morning, he was told by police over the loud-speaker that the events were ‘just a drill’.

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The corporate owned media are also using specific “buzz words” such as “twin attacks” in order to link the bombing – at least subliminally – with the 9/11 attacks.

The authorities have been desperate to unleash such an event, and I expected to see something very similar – as many of us did – at last summers Olympics.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that the suspects may have had a dark complexion, although I would not be too surprised to see these attacks attributed to the Patriot Movement – it was, after all, Patriot Day yesterday – and adherents of the 2nd amendment – prime targets of the Obama administration and proposed gun control laws.

The Obama administration has much to gain from this. It will be interesting to see what draconian measures are implemented in the wake of this attack, although I have been warning for months that Obama would become far more extreme in his second term. Similarly, it looks as though there will be a massive “security” operation in London in the coming days, especially for this Sundays London Marathon.

Evidence of predictive programming? The clip has been spliced together, but given how this works – i.e. embedding a scenario into the subconscious – it does not stretch the bounds of credulity too far.


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