HAARP is a global weather manipulation network

uk haarp

uk haerp 2

A very interesting piece considering the rapid change in the UK climate that has taken place in the last 48 hours.

On July 18 1977 the US became covert partners giving the operation the codename ‘Woodpecker’ because this was the sound picked up on Radio Ham sets. The Laurence Livermore Lab in the US was the main body involved in the HAARP project. She states the British Crown is more secretly involved and the ultimate benefactor of the weapon, and that there are five other countries involved in the weapon. Leuren speaks of Dr Edward Teller the Hungarian sociopath who was very involved in nuclear weapons creation and HAARP and Nelson Rockefeller’s involvement, with Rockefeller ultimately responsible for privatising and hijacking the project through three government committees in Congress, and that this whole operation is based on Tesla science.

Leuren says the Russians have the most, one near Moscow; one in the Ukraine [makes a mockery of Ukraine’s defiance because with HAARP in the Ukraine …Ukraine belongs to Russia], and around five more.

The technology is also used to find minerals and oil to which I would cite the very foundation of the Project For The New American Century among others.

Leuren also pinpoints the first sighting of ‘rogue’ waves [Ocean waves] to January 1 1995 when HAARP was switched on, when a 90 foot wave in the North sea hit an oil platform, and again later in 95 when a wave hit the Queen Elizabeth II liner again in the North Sea. So we can now better understand why they built the Thames barrier and want a bigger one, their new toy will smash London, what a good counterbalance I say…
HAARP can trigger tectonic events by choosing the Earthquake fault zones and targeting the weapon directly on the fault lines, which creates some strange visual effects in the atmosphere before the quake strikes.

HAARP can amplify Hurricanes by heating the surface of the water and pulling the Hurricane over the warm water thus increasing the strength of the Hurricane.
The economic applications of HAARP shows itself in mining, Oil exploratioin, and the ability to determine farm yields
by determining who gets flooded, quaked of hurricaned, so a great economic tool for speculation for the international banking families who control HAARP such as the Warbergs, Bronfmans and the Rothschilds, with Alfred claiming the Rothschild’s to be worth around $100 trillion…”at least” says Leuren, which equates to the House of Windsor having this figure through its ownership of the Inner City Of London. The Inner City cartel also controls 80% of the world’s Uranium, with the Rothschild’s controlling the supply and prices, and of course the African colonies rich in minerals, and Canada, the Queen ultimately has the greatest wealth in this banking cartel, especially so when you add the global food cartel to the Windsor’s portfolio. Tibet also has big Uranium deposits, and to cover their real agenda, the banking cartel used the smokescreen ensuring everyone was afraid of Russia getting hold of the Uranium when all along through Averill Harriman and Harry Hopkins the cartel had actually supplied the Soviet’s with nuclear technology and plutonium to create the massive war economy, the cold war created. So ultimately the House of Windsor created the whole situation by having all the high ranking people believing they must fear Soviet Russia when the cartel controlled Soviet Russia and still do today.

Therefore trapping the US and the world economies to build the war machine or their economies would collapse, because of course to borrow from the IMF-World Bank one had to do as they dictated and only made monies available on the back of a great weapons manufacture programmes, or to set aside a percentage of their loan for weapons purchase from UK arms manufacturers. Of course the IMF and World Bank are yet another smokescreen to hide the Inner City of London banking cartel. This was played against South Africa under Mandala who almost as soon as he got his puppet position spent £5 billion on British weapons and expertise, this again has been played across Africa and the real reason there are so many weapons in a country that was happy to keep a simple spear and bow.

Read more: http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/britains-haarp-base-revealed.html


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