Why i’m predicting another washout of a summer in 2013

Flash flooding hits Hebden Bridgejet2

If you’re one of these optimists who believes that the summer of 2013 might just be the summer we’ve all been waiting for, you’re probably going to end up fed up and hugely disappointed.

As long as the global HAARP network continues to experiment with the upper atmosphere, the UK will never have a good summer.

The recent cold snap which extended winter by at least three weeks was, once again, down to the unusual behaviour of the Jet Stream. The Jet Stream – just as it did last summer – was coming in hundreds of miles off course, allowing cold Arctic air to sit over the country for weeks on end.

The HAARP facilities work by concentrating millions of watts of ELF radio waves into a specifically targeted portion of the ionosphere. The heated ionosphere is pushed out into space, dragging the stratosphere below up and thereby pulling the Jet Stream up as well, rerouting it hundreds of miles off course. The Jet Stream is situated between the troposphere and the stratosphere. Because the UK is a battle ground between the warmer Atlantic air and the cold polar air, the Jet Stream has a huge influence on the UK’s climate and weather. reroute the Jet Stream in March, and winter can be extended by a month; reroute the Jet Stream in the summer, and cool polar air will bring low pressure systems that will sit over the UK for weeks on end – as has happened during every UK summer since 2007.

This technology is owned by a corporate / scientific / military elite who slavishly serve the agenda of the major bloodline families . It is covert warfare being waged on an unsuspecting public. It has corporate, military, and of course, spiritual objectives.

But you heard it here first – forget cheap promises of a barbecue summer. It’s going to be another washout and, once more, the Jet Stream will be to blame.


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