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Bilderberg Fringe Festival application for event in Cassiobury Park rejected by Watford Borough Council

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So the fringe festival that was set to take place at Cassiobury Park is no longer going ahead, because the overpaid parasites at Watford Borough Council have rejected the application. The reason they have cited is that applications for these events need to be made three months in advance – impossible for this type of protest, since the Bilderberg Group do not reveal the location of their meetings until only weeks before they are due to start.

This now means that thousand of protestors from all over the world will gather outside the entrance to the Grove on the busy A41 road – which could have major health and safety implications, and cause widespread traffic congestion stretching back onto the M25.

Absolute morons.

One possible alternative is the Grand Union Canal which runs through the grounds of the Hotel, although I expect the river police will stop protestors on that section of the footpath.

Well, I will still be there, as indeed will many thousands of others.

Here is the link to the story in the Watford Observer:

It’s official. Europe is experiencing the most extreme summer weather ever witnessed.

june jet2

june jet 3

june jet

Temperatures in the most remote northern regions of Europe – which would still be covered in ice right now – are hitting 25 degrees (completely unheard of) whilst parts of Switzerland are crippled by intense snow falls. Southern France is seeing only temperatures of 10 degrees.

Here in the UK our weather forecasters keep getting it wrong – temperatures were expected to hit 15 degrees today but remain stuck in single figures. It was warmer on Christmas Day.
Once again, it is all down to an inexplicable kink in the Jet Stream. Inexplicable, that is, to those who remain ignorant of weather modification and, indeed, weather warfare.
This is the reality facing us all.
Weather modification has been going on for at least three decades. Man is responsible for changing earth’s climate – but it has got nothing to do with carbon emissions. That is the gross lie that has been perpetrated and propagated to serve as a smokescreen for the weather modification programme.
HAARP is now a global weather manipulation network, with sites of phased array antennas situated all over the world, the oldest of them in Russia, the most powerful one based in Alaska. These antennas have been heating up the Ionosphere for decades, which can have a powerful impact on pressure systems below, especially the flow and direction of the Jet Stream.
In addition, military owned Boeing aircraft have been spraying tons of metallic particulates into the stratosphere, reducing the amount of solar radiation hitting the planet – and thereby reducing the temperature across carefully targeted regions – whilst also exciting natural storm systems and inducing artificially high levels of precipitation. This has also had a catastrophic impact on human health. Known side effects to repeated exposure to metallic particulates such as Aluminium include dementia, loss of memory, damage to the central nervous system, trembling, nausea, lethargy, headaches – the list goes on and on.
This is the ugly reality we all need to face up to. Our children will grow up believing that these kind of extreme weather events and temperature differentials are normal. An entire generation will have no memories of beautiful summer days to look back on – unlike us. We can still remember (just about) those long hot summer evenings – in the days before low pressure systems were manipulated to hang over the country for weeks on end, flooding our property, killing our crops, and crippling the economically vulnerable with ever higher fuel bills.
This is an issue which affects us all. You think you have something to gain by cooperating with this system? That your job is really that important? That you really do have “money” deposited safely in a bank? It’s all fraudulent. Corporate pigs, such as Goldman Executives, are right now making billions betting on the future’s markets. Last year these parasites used your money to hedge their bets on spikes in global food prices. They made profits to the tune of £250 million. How? Because it is the banking oligarchs, and their corporate and scientific lackeys, who have developed the patents for modifying the world’s weather. Rising food prices is but one consequence of weather manipulation.
It’s time to stop watching the X Factor or playing ******* candy crush saga and face up to the most important issue of our time: the militarisation and corporatisation of the weather.

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Did UK HAARP facility and weather modification experiments cause 3.8 earthquake in Wales?

0awales jet

0awales q

0awales haarp

My last two blogs have focused on the unusual behaviour of the Jet Stream which – like last summer – is currently hundreds of miles further south than it should be. The result is the cool temperatures and low pressure systems that have battered the country over the last two days, following a brief respite over the Bank Holiday. As you can see from the picture of the Jet Stream’s position today, it is “kinking” around the UK. To reiterate, the HAARP facilities world wide focus millions of Watts of ELF radio waves into a targeted portion of the upper atmosphere. One known consequence of this is to alter the path of the Jet Stream. See previous blogs for a more detailed explanation.

Although nowhere on the scale of the Alaska site, there is a small HAARP type facility in Wales, near Aberystwyth, which is situated only miles from the epicentre of this morning’s 3.8 magnitude quake. I have asserted time and time again on this blog that the UK has borne the brunt of the HAARP weather modification programme, owing to our unique climate and its dependence on the path of the Jet Stream. Was this morning’s quake an indirect result of tampering with the energies of the upper atmosphere?

The signature frequency of an earthquake is 2.5 Hz – a frequency HAARP was known to be broadcasting in the days leading up to the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami in March of 2011. The phased array antennas beam this frequency up into the ionosphere, which is then bounced back to earth over the target region – which can penetrate several kilometres into the ground.

Make no mistake – the HAARP facilities can induce earthquakes, both directly and indirectly.

Here is a link to the story from the Mail Online:

An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 hit North Wales this morning and caused ‘intense shaking’.

Officials said the epicentre was in the Irish Sea, just 10 miles off the coast from the town of Abersoch, Gwynedd.

The quake, which struck at 4.15am, was felt over a 90 mile radius in areas as far apart as Southport, in Merseyside, Dublin, in Ireland, and Douglas, Isle of Man.

Although thousands of people are thought to have been woken up by the rumbling this morning, it is not thought to have caused any significant damage.

Today an aftershock with a magnitude of 1.7 was measured four minutes later at 4.20am but it was so small that only one person has so far reported feeling it.

David Galloway, a seismologist with the BGS, said today: ‘We have had 193 reports from people who felt the earthquake already but that number is going up all the time.

Read more:

UK Temperatures set to plummet again on Tuesday after warm bank holiday



After the geoengineered rain / snow storms at the end of last week, one might have been tempted to think that we had at last seen the back of the unseasonably cold conditions. Clearly not. Instead it seems this weekend has been a brief respite – nothing more.

There was massive aerosol spraying all over the UK yesterday – just as temperatures were really starting to move back in line with where they should be at this stage of the season. My thermometer in my car read 24 degrees yesterday afternoon.

We seem to be having a chemtrail free day today – but crucially the jet Stream is beginning to move hundreds of miles off course again. We know that the HAARP facility can influence the direction of the Jet Stream. The HAARP patents even describe how ionospheric heating can change local pressure systems, which again can have a huge impact on subsequent weather patterns.

The UK does indeed seem to be the guinea pig for this – probably because our climate is so variable and so dependent on the direction of the Jet Stream. So how does HAARP connect with the Chemtrails? There is a reference to Barium – one of the many metallic particulates released through the aerosol campaign – in one of the HAARP patents. It states that:

“It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photo ionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interaction”.

Folks, we all know that the weather in the UK can be variable. But to experience such huge temperature differentials in such a short space of time points unequivocally to the modification of the weather.

Keep your eyes to the skies people.

UK hit by geoengineered snow storms in May!!



As I sit here writing this it is very apparent that the clear skies and warmer temperatures predicted by the weather forecasters have, once again, failed to materialise. Look up at the skies and in between the breaks in natural clouds you will see there has been major aerosol spraying over night – a thin milky veil of metallic particulates hang ominously in the stratosphere.

Yesterday was the coldest day in May I can remember in my 38 years on this planet. What is it the older generation have been saying for over two decades now? “We don’t seem to get proper seasons anymore”. Right on the money.

It is becoming abundantly clear that weather modification has been going on for at least three decades – if not more. A sentiment echoed this week by former US TV Weather man Scot Stevens – who demonstrated conclusively that the giant Tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma were, in fact, modified and strengthened by the aerosol spraying.

If weather modification is such a “conspiracy theory”, as many sceptics would have you believe, then why do international treaties prohibit the militarisation of the weather? The Environmental Modification Convention was convened way back in 1977 and in May of that year a Treaty was ratified in Geneva that specifically banned weather warfare. The Treaty entered into force in October of 1978.

This came into force at a time when the Soviet Union, via their “Woodpecker” facility, were waging a covert weather war against the US and its NATO allies. The Woodpecker was the first ionospheric heater and the Soviets used this facility to drastically change the course of the Jet Stream – bringing a series of incredibly hot summers to the US (and indeed the UK in 1976) resulting in almost 4 years worth of intense droughts, forest fires and soaring food prices.

Yesterdays plummeting temperatures here in the UK came on the back of one of the coldest springs on record. But this drastic change in the weather even took the weathermen by surprise – last weekend the five day forecasts were predicting temperatures of 17 degrees for Thursday and Friday based on the calculated position of the Jet Stream. However, by Tuesday, the Jet Stream began to move hundreds of miles off course (again!!) allowing cold polar air and low pressure systems to batter the country by Friday.

Even here in Hertfordshire I saw huge hail stones and rain falling as sleet occasionally. Parts of Wales and the North West even had snow!! Of course, the weather forecasters were quick to engage in a damage limitation exercise, claiming that snow in May was not “unheard of”.

That said, temperatures in the UK fell, at their lowest, to around 5 degrees – still too warm for snow. Temperatures here in Hertfordshire fell only to 8 degrees, yet rain was falling as sleet. How was this possible?

Anyone who has studied geoengineering seriously will know that patents exist for a process called “chemical ice nucleation”. In a nutshell, the process works the same as the first aid chemical ice pack. Ice nucleation chemicals are deposited in the same way via aerosol spraying. Natural clouds and storm systems are intercepted, just as we often see the chemtrails being laid in the sky before the arrival of natural Cyrus clouds. The ice nucleation process can have a massive impact on the temperature of the surrounding air mass – cooling it considerably. With cold polar air sitting over the UK via the deviation of the natural path of the Jet Stream, the conditions were perfect to inflict yet more misery on the citizens of the UK, and heap further financial burdens on the economically vulnerable – mainly the elderly – who had to turn up the thermostat at a time of the year when one would naturally be unpacking the summer fans from the loft.

The Chinese government, which even has its own Weather Modification Bureau, brought Beijing to a crippling halt in the Autumn of 2009, when they seeded the clouds – via strategically guided rockets- with special ice nucleating chemicals to induce a massive artificial snow storm.

“We wont miss any opportunity of artificial precipitation since Beijing is suffering from the lingering drought,” Zhang Qiang, head of the Beijing Weather Modification Office, was quoted as saying. See for the full story.

The snow that results from the ice nucleation process is heavy and wet – precisely the kind of snow that was reported as falling in Wales and the North West yesterday.

A month ago I predicted that the summer of 2013 would be another geoengineered washout! On current evidence, it may even turn out to be worse than that.

Here is a link to yesterdays story in the Guardian:

Snow makes unseasonal return to Britain as temperatures dip

An excellent article from geoengineering watch:

A statement from the Freedom Agenda

love wave

I am not going to post anything on this site about the appalling tragedy that took place in Woolwich yesterday afternoon. This wasn’t just an assault on an innocent young man, but rather, this was an assault on our collective consciousness; this is all about trying to lower the vibration of humanity -you only have to look at the huge coverage this is getting in the media and, worse still, the responses it is currently encouraging from those who have not opened their heart to a higher state of consciousness / being. Maintaining a high vibration is key to getting us out of the mess we are currently in – and indeed have been in for thousands of years.

As with any so-called “terror event” that is sold to us by the government and the controlled media, there is far more to know about what happened yesterday than what we are being told. It is vital that people do not let themselves be played like a puppet and allow their perception to be clouded by the fault lines of race and religion.

It may not seem like it, but the dark forces which have cast their shadow over humanity for thousands of years are slowly but surely beginning to diminish.

Our emotions, just like everything else, are energy, and they can have a profound impact and influence on our environment and the people around us. Low vibrations – feelings associated with sadness, horror, grief, shock, and anger – vibrates at a much slower rate; it is a very dense vibration and quite literally “brings you down”. The Human Body, and in particular our DNA, is in reality a highly complex receiver / transmitter of frequencies. The base construct of the physical medium which we interface with exists primarily not as particle but, rather, as wave. Fear and all those negative emotions resonates at a much slower wavelength, whilst love / compassion – whatever you want to call it – resonates at a much higher wavelength / vibration.

This is the reason why there have been so many gratuitous videos circulating on Facebook and You Tube – the people who really control this planet understand how exposure to this kind of violence can not only desensitize us to these kinds of appalling crimes, but more importantly, through mass exposure in the controlled media, lower the vibration of humanity.

I have said many times before, as many others have said before me, that the foundation of the conspiracy is about the manipulation of our minds, and the suppression of higher levels of consciousness.

Don’t believe me? Then please watch this video based on the research of Dr. Masuru Emoto.