Deputy Speaker leaves police station after being quizzed over gay rape: Tory MP Nigel Evans arrested after officers swoop on cottage


Could this be the start of a major investigation into the sex crimes long perpetrated by the dark suits who walk the corridors of power in Westminster and, dare I say, Buckingham Palace? Let us hope that this will produce a domino effect that will bring down not just the establishment politicians, but their bloodline masters as well. FACT: the men at the very top of our political, judicial and economic institutions are part of a global satanic / paedophile network, who use their power to mute and silence their many victims.

From the Mail Online:

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons was arrested yesterday over allegations of rape and sexual assault relating to two men.

Nigel Evans was taken to a police station in Lancashire, where he is Conservative MP for Ribble Valley, and questioned over offences dating from 2009 to March this year.

Forensic teams were searching his two homes in London and Pendleton, Lancashire, as part of their inquiries.

Yesterday afternoon, they could be seen examining his white Saab convertible, which was parked near his constituency home.

By last night, no charges had been made against Mr Evans, who came out as gay in a 2010 article for The Mail on Sunday.

This is the latest, and potentially most explosive, in a series of high-profile arrests over allegations of a sexual nature, some of which go back more than 40 years.

There have been wild rumours about the involvement of politicians – but until now, none has been arrested.

The arrest of the Deputy Speaker, one of the most prestigious public positions in Britain, brings the matter right to the heart of the Establishment.

Allegations against Mr Evans, 55, concern incidents that are said to have taken place from 2009 right up to a few weeks ago, spanning the entire period during which he has officiated over Commons debates in the famous Speaker’s chair.

They are understood to relate to two men in their 20s.

Both Speaker John Bercow and David Cameron have been told of the arrest. Mr Bercow said: ‘It’s been a total shock.

‘Nigel is a popular and well-liked character. No one can quite believe what’s happened.’

A spokeswoman for Lancashire police told this newspaper yesterday: ‘A 55-year-old man from Pendleton in Lancashire has today been arrested by Lancashire Constabulary on suspicion of rape and sexual assault.

‘The man will be interviewed at a police station in Lancashire during the course of the day. The offences are alleged to have been committed in Pendleton between July 2009 and March 2013.

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