A statement from the Freedom Agenda

love wave

I am not going to post anything on this site about the appalling tragedy that took place in Woolwich yesterday afternoon. This wasn’t just an assault on an innocent young man, but rather, this was an assault on our collective consciousness; this is all about trying to lower the vibration of humanity -you only have to look at the huge coverage this is getting in the media and, worse still, the responses it is currently encouraging from those who have not opened their heart to a higher state of consciousness / being. Maintaining a high vibration is key to getting us out of the mess we are currently in – and indeed have been in for thousands of years.

As with any so-called “terror event” that is sold to us by the government and the controlled media, there is far more to know about what happened yesterday than what we are being told. It is vital that people do not let themselves be played like a puppet and allow their perception to be clouded by the fault lines of race and religion.

It may not seem like it, but the dark forces which have cast their shadow over humanity for thousands of years are slowly but surely beginning to diminish.

Our emotions, just like everything else, are energy, and they can have a profound impact and influence on our environment and the people around us. Low vibrations – feelings associated with sadness, horror, grief, shock, and anger – vibrates at a much slower rate; it is a very dense vibration and quite literally “brings you down”. The Human Body, and in particular our DNA, is in reality a highly complex receiver / transmitter of frequencies. The base construct of the physical medium which we interface with exists primarily not as particle but, rather, as wave. Fear and all those negative emotions resonates at a much slower wavelength, whilst love / compassion – whatever you want to call it – resonates at a much higher wavelength / vibration.

This is the reason why there have been so many gratuitous videos circulating on Facebook and You Tube – the people who really control this planet understand how exposure to this kind of violence can not only desensitize us to these kinds of appalling crimes, but more importantly, through mass exposure in the controlled media, lower the vibration of humanity.

I have said many times before, as many others have said before me, that the foundation of the conspiracy is about the manipulation of our minds, and the suppression of higher levels of consciousness.

Don’t believe me? Then please watch this video based on the research of Dr. Masuru Emoto.


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