UK Temperatures set to plummet again on Tuesday after warm bank holiday



After the geoengineered rain / snow storms at the end of last week, one might have been tempted to think that we had at last seen the back of the unseasonably cold conditions. Clearly not. Instead it seems this weekend has been a brief respite – nothing more.

There was massive aerosol spraying all over the UK yesterday – just as temperatures were really starting to move back in line with where they should be at this stage of the season. My thermometer in my car read 24 degrees yesterday afternoon.

We seem to be having a chemtrail free day today – but crucially the jet Stream is beginning to move hundreds of miles off course again. We know that the HAARP facility can influence the direction of the Jet Stream. The HAARP patents even describe how ionospheric heating can change local pressure systems, which again can have a huge impact on subsequent weather patterns.

The UK does indeed seem to be the guinea pig for this – probably because our climate is so variable and so dependent on the direction of the Jet Stream. So how does HAARP connect with the Chemtrails? There is a reference to Barium – one of the many metallic particulates released through the aerosol campaign – in one of the HAARP patents. It states that:

“It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photo ionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interaction”.

Folks, we all know that the weather in the UK can be variable. But to experience such huge temperature differentials in such a short space of time points unequivocally to the modification of the weather.

Keep your eyes to the skies people.


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