It’s official. Europe is experiencing the most extreme summer weather ever witnessed.

june jet2

june jet 3

june jet

Temperatures in the most remote northern regions of Europe – which would still be covered in ice right now – are hitting 25 degrees (completely unheard of) whilst parts of Switzerland are crippled by intense snow falls. Southern France is seeing only temperatures of 10 degrees.

Here in the UK our weather forecasters keep getting it wrong – temperatures were expected to hit 15 degrees today but remain stuck in single figures. It was warmer on Christmas Day.
Once again, it is all down to an inexplicable kink in the Jet Stream. Inexplicable, that is, to those who remain ignorant of weather modification and, indeed, weather warfare.
This is the reality facing us all.
Weather modification has been going on for at least three decades. Man is responsible for changing earth’s climate – but it has got nothing to do with carbon emissions. That is the gross lie that has been perpetrated and propagated to serve as a smokescreen for the weather modification programme.
HAARP is now a global weather manipulation network, with sites of phased array antennas situated all over the world, the oldest of them in Russia, the most powerful one based in Alaska. These antennas have been heating up the Ionosphere for decades, which can have a powerful impact on pressure systems below, especially the flow and direction of the Jet Stream.
In addition, military owned Boeing aircraft have been spraying tons of metallic particulates into the stratosphere, reducing the amount of solar radiation hitting the planet – and thereby reducing the temperature across carefully targeted regions – whilst also exciting natural storm systems and inducing artificially high levels of precipitation. This has also had a catastrophic impact on human health. Known side effects to repeated exposure to metallic particulates such as Aluminium include dementia, loss of memory, damage to the central nervous system, trembling, nausea, lethargy, headaches – the list goes on and on.
This is the ugly reality we all need to face up to. Our children will grow up believing that these kind of extreme weather events and temperature differentials are normal. An entire generation will have no memories of beautiful summer days to look back on – unlike us. We can still remember (just about) those long hot summer evenings – in the days before low pressure systems were manipulated to hang over the country for weeks on end, flooding our property, killing our crops, and crippling the economically vulnerable with ever higher fuel bills.
This is an issue which affects us all. You think you have something to gain by cooperating with this system? That your job is really that important? That you really do have “money” deposited safely in a bank? It’s all fraudulent. Corporate pigs, such as Goldman Executives, are right now making billions betting on the future’s markets. Last year these parasites used your money to hedge their bets on spikes in global food prices. They made profits to the tune of £250 million. How? Because it is the banking oligarchs, and their corporate and scientific lackeys, who have developed the patents for modifying the world’s weather. Rising food prices is but one consequence of weather manipulation.
It’s time to stop watching the X Factor or playing ******* candy crush saga and face up to the most important issue of our time: the militarisation and corporatisation of the weather.

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  1. Hello! Just discovered your blog. Great to find somebody discussing this issue closer to home. Moaning about the weather is our favourite occupation, but i’m continually shocked that people aren’t questioning this more. Don’t they ever look up! The skies are totally different to how they used to look, I’m in my mid-forties but I remember how they used to be. This weather is so freakish and just feels plain WRONG but i have yet to meet anyone who questions anything anymore. Thanks for your work.

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