Bilderberg Fringe Festival application for event in Cassiobury Park rejected by Watford Borough Council

2013-05-11 14.07.30

So the fringe festival that was set to take place at Cassiobury Park is no longer going ahead, because the overpaid parasites at Watford Borough Council have rejected the application. The reason they have cited is that applications for these events need to be made three months in advance – impossible for this type of protest, since the Bilderberg Group do not reveal the location of their meetings until only weeks before they are due to start.

This now means that thousand of protestors from all over the world will gather outside the entrance to the Grove on the busy A41 road – which could have major health and safety implications, and cause widespread traffic congestion stretching back onto the M25.

Absolute morons.

One possible alternative is the Grand Union Canal which runs through the grounds of the Hotel, although I expect the river police will stop protestors on that section of the footpath.

Well, I will still be there, as indeed will many thousands of others.

Here is the link to the story in the Watford Observer:


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