Osborne, Clarke and Balls to attend Bilderberg Group meeting

2013-05-11 14.07.44

Rothschild lackeys Osborne and Balls set to attend Bilderberg, along with regular attendees Kissinger, Mandelson, Queen Beatrice et al. Google and Goldman Sachs are also heavily represented. Although not listed, Rockefeller will almost certainly be there.

From: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10095943/Osborne-Clarke-and-Balls-to-attend-Bilderberg-Group-meeting.html

The Bilderberg Group, an annual gathering of royalty, statesmen and business leaders, will this week take place at the Grove Hotel, a golf resort in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Guests will include George Osborne, the Chancellor; Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor; and Ken Clarke, the Cabinet Minister who also sits on the group’s steering committee, according to a list of participants published on http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org.

Other attendees include Lord Mandelson, the former Labour First Secretary; Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State; Timothy Geithner, the former Secretary of the US Treasury, and Gen David Petraeus, the former Allied commander in Afghanistan and head of the CIA.

Delegates from business include Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google; Peter Sutherland, the chairman of Goldman Sachs; Robert Dudley, the chief executive of BP; Douglas Flint, the chairman of HSBC and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com.

The group will discuss how the US and Europe can promote growth, the way ‘big data’ is changing ‘almost everything’, the challenges facing the continent of Africa and the threat of cyber warfare, according to an agenda published today.


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