The agenda of the Bilderberg Group – a brief summary


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The Bilderberg Group meets secretly once a year in Five Star hotels all across the world. This year they are meeting in Denmark. The group consists of many of the most famous and powerful names from western finance capitalism, including David Rockefeller, Lord Rothschild and George Soros. Many of the most influential figures from the world of banking, politics, commerce, the media, intelligence services, and the military come together once a year to discuss, formulate, and set the policies later embraced by our governing institutions. As recently as ten years ago, most people thought that the group did not exist and that it was yet another “crazy” conspiracy theory.

The core agenda of the Bilderberg Group is to carve up the world into economic blocs – which will work under a global supranational authority or world government – and to reduce the nation states into regionalised municipal authorities. Their ultimate goal is to create one international identify and centralized control of the mass of humanity. They plan to reduce the great bulk of the population into indentured debt slaves. This plan was revealed by no less than Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. Brzezinski foresaw – in 1970 – a future in which there is no middle class, only rulers and servants in perpetuity.
• The Bilderbergers are gradualists or incrementalists. The creation of economic blocs and political and economic unions have been put together – piece by piece – over many decades. The minutes of the 1957 Bilderberg meeting reveal their sentiments for a federal Europe at a time when only a coal and steel community existed between six European nations. Similarly, the North American Union emerged from NAFTA and is heading steadily towards a federation of Canada, the United States and Mexico. A single currency – the Amero – has already been proposed.

• The group wants to implement a programme of deindustrialisation in the major western economies and export any remaining heavy industries to developing nations where production costs are much cheaper. Every area of the world has been designated a specialism: the US and the UK, in particular, have lost their heavy industry and now specialise in the service industries and information technology. Edward Heath, the Bilderberg Prime Minister who signed Britain into what was then the EEC begun this process of a deindustrial revolution in Britain when he signed away Britain’s fishing grounds in the North Sea. Manufacturing in Britain has been stripped away ever since. This phenomenon of a more integrated global economic system is now referred to as globalisation and is requisite to the Bilderberg agenda of creating a global supranational structure.
• The Bilderbergers are Transhumanists. They seek to exploit developments in emerging technologies to overcome the limitations of the human body. Developments in Biotechnology and Microtechnology will allow these self-appointed rulers to tap into the Fountain of Youth and live like Gods, whilst for the masses, the enforcement of the microchip will create a robotic, uncritical and servile future generation. More than this: the group are planning to utilise exotic robotics technology to wage war on the battle front and to police and coerce domestic populations by the mid point of the century. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google – who have recently purchased almost a dozen robotics companies – is a prominent member of the Bilderberg Group.
• The core circle of the Bilderberg Group are committed eugenicists who believe in reducing the global population by as much as 80 per cent. Bill Gates is a prominent Bilderberger and has even publicly stated how vaccinations should be used to curtail population growth in the Third World. Gates even owns a 25% share in Monsanto, the pesticide company that is trying to gain a monopoly in the global food supply through GM foods, another vital cog in the depopulation agenda. Henry Kissinger, a member of the groups most inner steering committee, penned the now infamous NSSM 200 in 1974 which spoke of the need to curtail population growth in the least developed countries (LDCs). Kissinger even wrote in the document that, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” This became official US foreign policy under President Carter.


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