Bilderberg 2013 – we came, we spoke out, we conquered!! This was History in the making…



















History was made yesterday as thousands of protestors descended on the Grove Hotel in Watford to make their feelings clear and their voices heard. This was History in the making. As the excellent David Icke concluded – in a reference to a wartime speech given by Winston Churchill in 1942 – “this is not the end; nor is it the beginning of the end; but it is the end of the beginning”.

The shadowy cabal who are at the heart of the Bilderberg Group are now faced with a level of opposition that was unthinkable even as recently as five years ago.

In addition to the thousands who attended, and the thousands who were prevented from entering, millions watched all across the world via live streams provided by Alex Jones and David Icke. Today was a victory for the alternative media if nothing else.

It was a day full of energy, hope, and indeed a little bit of drama here and there. Agents provocateurs did manage to infiltrate the event and attempted to heckle several of the speakers, but were quickly shouted down by the crowd. The Police did try to prevent some protestors from entering the Grove, ostensibly because of overcrowding. Herts constabulary must have been left red faced after only making provisions for 300 protestors, when it was clear that thousands would turn out. There were some excellent speeches, most notably from Labour MP Michael Meacher – who vowed to challenge Cameron in Parliament over his Bilderberg links – and former undercover journalist Ben Fellows, who has been in hiding since threats were made against his life. Fellows repeated his accusations that senior Bilderberg attendee and Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke sexually molested him whilst posing as a 15 year old boy on the Cook Report. Fellows also alleged he was drugged and molested by Andrew Lloyd Webber when he was a child actor with the BBC.

David Icke and Alex Jones stole the show of course with two fiery and passionate speeches. Both speakers made poignant tributes to the late Jim Tucker, who passed away recently. Without Tucker’s tireless and selfless pursuit of the Bilderberg Group, yesterday’s event would not have been possible.

But overall yesterday belongs to everyone who turned out; to the people who have tirelessly and selflessly continued to speak their truth in the face of ignorance, apathy, and ridicule. The awakening is growing – of that there can be no doubt. Bilderberg has now entered the political vocabulary. There will be those who policed the event, those who saw some brief mention of it on the mainstream news, maybe those who watched via the live streams simply out of curiosity – all of whom will now begin to re-evaluate their perception of the world .The truth is like an avalanche – and it is gaining power and momentum by the day. Yesterday was the day in which the people of this world began to realise that History is a lie; that the development of “representative democracy” in the post world war two era is a long con; that another layer of power exists beyond our elected bodies; that our so-called elected officials are answerable to a power that has remained hidden and in the shadows.

Yesterday was the day when the spotlight and the beam of liberty shone down on the shadowy Bilderberg Group.


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