Updated: Summer 2013 – another geoengineered washout on the way!

weather jet


This was written several months ago at a time when the HAARP facility was causing huge fluctuations in the Jet Stream. Is it really just a coincidence that we are experiencing our first proper summer here in the UK now that the HAARP facility has been shut down? HAARP went live in 2007, which coincides exactly with the long series of washout summers.

Just as I predicted back in April, the summer of 2013 will be another washout – because, once more, the Jetstream is hundreds of miles further south than it should be. As you can see from the image, the Jetstream is kinking over the UK, allowing cool polar air and low pressure systems to meander much further south than they would normally do at the height of summer.

I have stated repeatedly that the HAARP facilities world wide are engaged in ionospheric heating for the purpose of altering weather patterns across vast regions of the planet. This is not science fiction. It is science fact. United States patent 4,686, 605 – developed by Dr. Bernard Eastlund, often cited as the father of HAARP – entitled Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere, explicitly describes this process.

Eastlund also spoke about a Jetstream Solar Power Satellite. He described it as a “dual use Satellite which can focus microwave energy into a jet stream to change the direction of a jet stream. It does this by triggering turbulence in the flowing air which decreases the flow velocity of an edge region of the flow and generating a pressure differential that changes the direction of the bulk air flow”.

The propagated aim of such technology is to move blocked Jetstream’s so as to prevent flooding or drought, but in reality, they are using this technology to induce said phenomena, not prevent it – as the floods in the UK and the severe drought in the US last year attests to.

The weather modification agenda works hand in glove with the GM food agenda – they are trying to break independent farmers economically by inducing severe weather that will inevitably lead to poor yields and soaring food prices. Goldman bankers get rich by betting on hikes in global food prices on the future’s market, whilst greedy corporations like Monsanto buy up more and more land as independent farmers go bust.

Until there is a mass uprising against this ecological terrorism, until the bulk of the population demand an end to geoengineering, you can bet your life you will never see a decent summer in the UK again.

Here is the link to the story in the Telegraph:

Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts said the UK is predicted to have more unsettled weather for the rest of this week, with outbursts of rain for many parts of the UK over the next few days and winds up to 40mph. Temperatures will hover around 20C in the sunshine and be in the teens in most places.

She said: “There will be heavy rain at times, particularly for the north of the country, and stronger winds are likely to be the main feature of the weather.

“For the south of the country, winds will be unusually strong for this time of year. With trees in full leaf, there’s potential for branches to come down – the main risk period is the early hours into tomorrow morning.”

Outbreaks of rain could affect many parts of the UK over the next five days, said Ms Roberts, with bands of rain pushing through the country, adding: “That’s not to say everywhere is going to be wet all the time. It could be heavy at times, particularly towards northern England.”

Read more here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/weather/10114915/Washout-summer-on-the-way-as-rain-expected-for-a-month.html


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