Crop circle visitors to Wiltshire asked to buy access pass


So now it is going to cost crop circle researchers to visit Wiltshire every summer, from as much as £10.00 for one visit. Is this part of a sinister agenda to try to negate interest in a phenomenon over which our government and military have no control? Or are the motivations as benign as we are being led to believe?

I think the geoengineered wet summer of 2012 and the extended winter of 2013 has hit farmers far harder than the crop circle phenomenon. Maybe it should be our own military paying the farmers compensation.

Here is a link to the story:

Crop circle tourists who want to visit Wiltshire’s formations are being asked to buy an access pass.

The pass, which starts on 28 June, is an effort to minimise damage to land and help compensate affected farmers.

Under the scheme, farmers who agree to give visitors access to crop circles on their land will be given the money raised from the sale of the new passes.

Organisers said they could not enforce payment but hoped visitors would “see the benefit and participate”.

By June 2012 more than 10 crop circle formations were discovered across the county.

This year, due to adverse weather conditions delaying crops by up to six weeks, there have been three.

Despite the low numbers, the Crop Circle Information and Co-ordination Centre (CICC) has warned that farmers are more likely than ever to cut formations out of their fields.

“In the past there was no structure, no co-ordination and the farmers were the last to be informed – which created a lot of chaos,” said Monique Klinkenbergh, CICC director and one of the people behind the new scheme.

Read more here:


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