Establishment buffoon Owen Paterson calls for GM foods to be backed or else “children will starve”.

0a MonsantoWords fail me.

But I can think of one.


Yet again another professional liar puts his own selfish self interests ahead of the needs of the human race at large.

GM foods are a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off – an elite sanctioned programme of slow kill that will result in the deaths of millions.

Genocide is no longer confined to concentration camps and Zyklon B Gas. The poison is in the very air we breathe and the food we eat.

But of course GM foods are good for you and will save children’s lives. What was the phrase that used to hang over the death camps? Arbeit macht frei. .

Children will go blind or die if the world does not embrace genetically modified crops Owen Paterson claimed today.

The Environment Secretary issued the controversial ultimatum as he claimed Britain could lead the way in producing GM food.

He claims it would lower prices and free up the countryside.

The Environment Secretary, a longstanding advocate of GM technology, claims its adoption in the UK could be as significant as the agricultural revolution.

But ahead of a major speech he claimed the decision to back the controversial technology is a matter of life and death.

He said ‘golden rice’ which could be grown in the world’s poorest countries was first created in 1999 but had not been used to help solve global hunger.

‘Now the World Health organisation estimates that up to 500,000 children go irreversibly blind a year, and 250,000 of those actually die.

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