Michael Hastings was assassinated by the very forces he sought to expose

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I have avoided running with this story for a couple of days because I wanted to see how things developed. However, it is becoming absolutely clear that Michael Hastings was murdered by the very establishment that he was trying to expose. Clearly, in the wake of the NSA whisteblower Edward Snowden’s revelations, the Obama administration has declared war on any journalist who dares to expose its lies and its crimes. Even a cursory examination of the car wreckage would suggest that Hasting’s was killed by an explosive device planted either in the engine or under the dashboard of his car. The damage is certainly not consistent with a car hitting a tree

As the freelance journalist Jim Stone stated:

“Car fires in new cars happen for three main reasons — running the engine out of oil, or running the engine out of coolant, or after an absolutely huge car mangling accident, having the hot side of the battery short out against the frame before it reaches the fuse panel. And for all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail”..

Source: Prison Planet. Com

In the hours leading up to his death in a fiery car crash, a ‘paranoid’ Michael Hastings told WikiLeaks he was being investigated by the FBI, according to the whistleblowing website.

A tweet sent from WikiLeaks yesterday claimed: ‘Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him.’

The Rollingstone and Buzzfeed reporter, who famously brought down General Stanley McChrystal with his 2010 profile, died in a crash in Los Angeles at about 4.30am on Tuesday.

Fueling the suspicions, WikiLeaks posted a tweet claiming: ‘Michael Hastings death has a very serious non-public complication. We will have more details later.’

Three hours later the website claimed Mr Hastings had contacted their lawyer a few hours before he died.

Los Angeles police are still investigating the crash but say they have found no suspicious circumstances.

Friends have said that the journalist had been concerned in the lead up to his death, but said they could not be sure if that contributed to his death.

‘He was incredibly tense and very worried, and was concerned that the government was looking in on his material,’ Cenk Uygur, a friend and fellow journalist, said.

‘I don’t know what his state of mind was at 4:30 in the morning, but I do know what his state of mind was in general, and it was a nervous wreck,’ Mr Uygur told New York Magazine.

BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith added that Mr Hastings had told friends and family ‘he was concerned that he was under investigation.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2345332/Paranoid-Michael-Hastings-told-WikiLeaks-lawyer-investigated-FBI-hours-deadly-car-crash.html#ixzz2XAGQdo66


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