Washington puppet Morsi deposed


Amazing scenes in Egypt as the first “democratically” elected leader, Mohammed Morsi, is deposed. The pathetic mainstream media are trying to portray this as a military coup, when in fact, all the evidence points to a genuine, peaceful uprising of millions of people – which would make this one of the first genuine revolutions in History, as controversial as that sounds. Morsi was a puppet of Washington, and the global crime syndicate to which Washington is subordinate. The so-called “Arab Spring” was a western intelligence sponsored coup of the Middle and Near East, culminating as I speak with the war in Syria and US funded Al Qaeda rebels (they’re now the good guys you know) trying to steal power in Syria. Next in line, of course, is Iran. But the Egyptian people have said enough, and reluctantly, the military have had to uphold this. This is people power in action, and should serve as an inspiration to us all.


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