How much did Roald Dahl actually know?




It has been well documented that Stanley Kubrick was a major insider who gave his audience a brief glimpse of the inner conclave of the elite families in his last film, Eyes Wide Shut. Yet very little is ever written of Roald Dahl whose books, especially the Witches, reveal with extraordinary clarity the occult nucleus that controls global society.

Just consider the plot of the Witches, which was made into a film in 1990. The witches in the book are demons hiding in a human form. Like any occult secret society, they are answerable to a high priest or priestess – in this case the Grand High Witch. The witches are shapeshifters, able to assume human form so they can hide in plain sight. This is remarkably similar in theme to the nephilim bloodlines described in both canon and non canon religious traditions. The Gnostic codices, moreover, describe the Archons as the “spirits of wickedness” who have manipulated the human form in order to intrude in human affairs. The chief Archon is described as a reptilian entity – eerily similar to the Grand High Witch as depicted in the film.

The witches meet ostensibly as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in hotel conference rooms once year – clearly a reference to the Bilderberg Group. Hiding behind this benevolent façade gives them access to the very children that they seek to murder and eliminate. Of course, child abuse is rife throughout the political establishments of the west, and high profile paedophiles like Jimmy Savile were well protected by the Thatcher administration and by the British Monarchy. Savile hid behind the façade of a children’s entertainer, which gave him access to thousands of children that he subsequently abused.

Is this all just coincidence? Or was Roald Dahl privy to some very dark establishment secrets?


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