Declassified papers reveal plans for WW3 “war games” in the UK


Declassified papers have revealed the existence of a war games exercise that the British government were planning to carry out in 1983 at a point of “high tension” in the public relations battle also known as the Cold War. The scenario involved the Soviet Union and its allies launching a chemical attack on the UK with the NATO forces responding with a limited yield nuclear strike.

Other papers released also reveal how the Thatcher government were planning to use the army to move coal around the country in the event of a miners strike, and how government officials were planning to deliberately flood Essex and Kent to prevent London being swamped by a tidal surge prior to the completion of the Thames Barrier!!

The Queen was expected to urge Britons to pray and remain united and resolute in the event of the “madness” of nuclear war, papers from 1983 show.

The script for a hypothetical broadcast has the monarch describing the threat to the “brave country” as “greater” than any other in history.

It also mentions the Queen’s son Prince Andrew, then in the Royal Navy.

The speech, devised by Whitehall officials at one of the most fraught Cold War periods, was never recorded.

The document, released by the government under the 30-year rule, was drawn up as part of a war-gaming exercise in the spring of 1983, which worked through potential scenarios.

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