Was Princess Diana MURDERED by British soldier? Metropolitan Police ‘assessing credibility’ of new claim made in court martial of SAS sniper Danny Nightingale



So Scotland Yard has been handed evidence that the British military were involved in the death of Princess Diana. Of course they were. Diana was assassinated at the behest of the House of Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) after she had become a liability to the British Monarchy. She even predicted her own death, stating that they would make it “look like an accident”. The on-board computer chip of the Mercedes was never retrieved from the wreckage. This is the chip which is responsible for steering and braking. This is because the chip was stolen and replaced, thereby allowing the car to be remotely controlled. Crazy conspiracy theory? Not at all. The SAS have used this assassination technique – dubbed the “Boston Brakes” – for decades. This allows the steering, acceleration and braking of cars to be taken over remotely.

Diana’s murderers still possess the throne. They have stonewalled any legitimate investigation into her death. They will stonewall this latest development. These “people” are evil beyond measure. One need only study the History of the British Monarchy to see that these degenerate, inbred families are obsessed with bloodshed and the perpetuation of their power, wealth and monopoly. Diana was groomed from a very early age to produce an heir to the throne. Once she had fulfilled that objective, she was increasingly marginalised, and then murdered.

But hey, lets get out our union jacks and sing God Save the Queen like good little mind controlled slaves.

Scotland Yard last night said they were assessing the credibility of new information relating to the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed including an allegation that they were murdered by a member of the British military.

It said it was ‘scoping’ the information, which surfaced in the second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, the SAS sniper convicted of illegally stashing a pistol and 338 bullets in his bedroom.

The allegation was contained in a letter from the parents-in-law of Soldier N, Sgt Nightingale’s former housemate, which was sent to the SAS’s commanding officer in September 2011

It is understood the information was passed to the Metropolitan Police through the Royal Military Police.

The letter says Soldier N claimed the SAS ‘was behind Princess Diana’s death’ and it had been ‘covered up’, the Sunday People has reported.

The letter said: ‘He (soldier N) also told her (his wife) that it was XXX who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up.’

A statement issued by Scotland Yard said: ‘The Metropolitan Police Service is scoping information that has recently been received in relation to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility

Read more here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2396208/Was-Princess-Diana-MURDERED-British-soldier-Metropolitan-Police-assessing-credibility-new-claim.html


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