Police investigating Princess Diana SAS murder inquiry contact Prince Charles


As a new full scale inquiry moves closer, the character assassination of the man making the allegations begins.

Scotland Yard has confirmed it is analysing the claims, made in a ­letter from the mother-in-law of an SAS sniper, but insists there is as yet no new investigation.

It is understood Charles was first informed about the allegations by a Palace aide shortly after the story broke on Saturday. Like Mr Al Fayed, the Royal Family have not commented publicly on the claims.

They are contained in a letter written by the mother-in-law of ­Soldier N – the housemate of fellow SAS sniper Danny Nightingale

She claims the soldier told his wife the elite unit had “arranged” Diana’s death. The seven-page letter, which makes a number of bizarre and shocking allegations about her son-in-law, was written around the time Soldier N’s 13-year marriage fell apart in September 2011.

Read the full story here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/424091/Police-investigating-Princess-Diana-SAS-murder-inquiry-contact-Prince-Charles


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