Cover-up scandal as vital evidence over Princess Diana’s car were not revealed


As I have maintained all along, “Diana was killed by an elite team of SAS and MI6 agents”.

There is one man who knows what really happened that fateful night – Trevor Rees Jones. But to this day, officialdom insists that he cannot recall any details owing to the injury he suffered.

Pull the other one.

French authorities failed to hand over a key part of the Mercedes from the Paris tragedy.

And an official report was omitted from inquiries into the 1997 crash – with clues highlighted by a top British investigator withheld from the inquest into Diana’s death.

World renowned accident examiner David Price meticulously deconstructed the luxury car. But he told last night how he was “surprised” never to have been called to give evidence at the hearing. The shambolic handling of the initial investigation into the accident even saw parts of the car destroyed while in the possession of the French authorities.

But the most explosive revelation to emerge from his report was that a foot-long section of brake pipe – leading to the front right brake – was never handed over to British investigators, making it impossible to disprove tampering.

The revelations come after claims Diana was killed by an elite team of SAS and MI6 agents on motorbikes acting on orders from Buckingham Palace.

Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators expert Mr Price conducted a forensic examination and his report was used by the authors of Operation Paget, the police probe into the fatal crash.

But the blunders cast fresh doubt on the credibility of official inquiries after Diana died alongside her Muslim lover Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul

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