Bilderberg leave Watford Council Tax payers with £500,000 bill


The world’s mega elite have left Council Tax payers in Watford with a £500,000 bill, the Watford Observer has reported. Hertfordshire Constabulary have this week revealed that the security operation around the Bilderberg conference cost just under £1 million. Whilst the Bilderberg Group have paid £500,000 towards the operation, the remainder has been left to taxpayers.

This years Bilderberg event was probably the most high profile ever, with thousands of protestors – myself included – descending on the Grove Hotel. The security operation was, accordingly, one of the largest ever mounted, which included a no fly zone and the implementation of anti-terror legislation for the duration of the three day “secret summit”.

The Bilderberg Group consists of some of the wealthiest people on the planet, including David Rockefeller and Bill Gates. The huge transfer of wealth from the great mass of the people to the 1 per cent, via taxpayer bailouts of the banks, was agreed and set in motion during previous Bilderberg conferences. Although Bilderberg now publish a guest list, the meetings are subject to the strictest secrecy, and no minutes are ever released to the public.

So I put it to Bilderberg. If the taxpayer has to meet half the costs to police the operation, then surely they also have a right to obtain copies of the minutes !


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