Britain sent poison gas chemicals to Assad: Proof that the UK delivered Sarin agent to Syrian regime for SIX years


Of course they did!! Problem -reaction-solution. Because the invasion of Syria was decided long ago by the globalists and lobbyists within the upper echelons of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. As I have said before, these two institutions – which are, in reality, effectively one – are the basis for the so-called “special relationship” between the US and the UK. In spite of this revelation by the controlled media, I still fully expect another chemical attack to take place and blamed apportioned, once more, to Assad. The invasion of Syria is a given – it is just a question of when and how, not if.

British companies sold chemicals to Syria that could have been used to produce the deadly nerve agent that killed 1,400 people, The Mail on Sunday can reveal today.

Between July 2004 and May 2010 the Government issued five export licences to two companies, allowing them to sell Syria sodium fluoride, which is used to make sarin.

The Government last night admitted for the first time that the chemical was delivered to Syria – a clear breach of international protocol on the trade of dangerous substances that has been condemned as ‘grossly irresponsible’.

‘Previously we thought that while export licences had been granted, no chemicals were actually delivered. Now we know that in the build-up to the Syrian civil war, UK companies – with the backing of our Government – were supplying this potentially lethal substance.

‘While the last export licence was issued in May 2010, these licences are obtained prior to manufacture and the industry standard is for four to five months to pass before the chemicals are delivered.

‘So we are looking at late 2010 for the British supplies of sodium fluoride reaching Syria. The Government has some very serious questions to answer.’

Last week it was revealed that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) had granted export licences in 2012 – but they were not used to send sodium fluoride to Syria.

The European Union subsequently banned exports outright.

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