Month: October 2013

A Chip In The Head: Brain Implants Will Be Connecting People To The Internet By The Year 2020


Micro chipping humans via brain implants to connect the human brain to the internet represents the coup de grace of the grand conspiracy – centuries in the making – against the human race. Notwithstanding the very tangible intellectual benefits that might arise from connecting the brain directly to the internet, this development is not being planned and orchestrated with humanities best interests at heart; on the contrary, this is about changing (quite literally) the way in which we interface with reality. It is, in short, about the suppression of the awakening itself through the manipulation and the programming of the human mind.

Even the book of Revelation describes, through the analogy of the Seven Seals (in truth the human Chakras) what will happen when our “occult organs of perception” are revivified. Underpinning the whole transhumanist agenda – that is combining humanity with technology – is the desire to firewall off higher levels of perception, consciousness and spirituality.

Would you like to surf the Internet, make a phone call or send a text message using only your brain? Would you like to “download” the content of a 500 page book into your memory in less than a second? Would you like to have extremely advanced nanobots constantly crawling around in your body monitoring it for disease? Would you like to be able to instantly access the collective knowledge base of humanity wherever you are?

All of that may sound like science fiction, but these are technologies that some of the most powerful high tech firms in the world actually believe are achievable by the year 2020. However, with all of the potential “benefits” that such technology could bring, there is also the potential for great tyranny. Just think about it. What do you think that the governments of the world could do if almost everyone had a mind reading brain implant that was connected to the Internet.

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Ex-BBC Savile driver David Smith found dead




How History repeats itself. After the publication of the Warren Commission report (into the assassination of President Kennedy), 103 of the people interviewed died mysterious and convenient deaths….18 of whom were dead by 1967, just 4 years after the assassination. Even the Sunday Times concluded that the odds against these witnesses being dead by 1967 were one hundred thousand trillion to one. Let’s be very clear about one thing here. The Jimmy Savile scandal goes right the way to the top of our sick establishment. Savile counted amongst his close friends Prince Charles, Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher. Savile often boasted that he had spent many Christmas dinners in the company of Margaret Thatcher. So how did an incongruous figure like Savile make such inroads into the heart of the establishment? The answer is that Savile did, indeed, “fix it” for the wealthy and the powerful; Savile procured children for the sexual gratification of top establishment figures, including former British Prime Minister Ted Heath. The Thatcher administration was also awash with high profile paedophiles, the names of which I will not mention here for obvious reasons…but some of you will know exactly who they are.

Unfortunately, I feel the death of Savile chauffeur David Smith could be the first in a series of strange deaths and “suicides” connected to operation Yewtree, as the establishment tries to bury a story which, it must be observed, could even topple the Monarchy. Indeed, maybe the first convenient death was Savile himself. The police have always asserted there was nothing suspicious about his death, but given how they failed to stop Savile for all those years – in spite of the fact that Savile was formally interviewed on numerous occasions – one should not read too much into that.

A former BBC driver accused of sex offences has been found dead.

David Smith, 67, from Lewisham, south-east London, had been due to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court for allegedly abusing a boy, 12, in 1984.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on Monday after he failed to attend court.

Smith was charged with two counts of indecent assault, two of indecency and one of a serious sexual offence as part of Operation Yewtree. The cause of his death is not yet known.

Smith was the first person to be charged under the investigation into historical cases of abuse, which was originally set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

It was alleged Smith met his victim at a swimming pool and invited him back to his flat, where he sexually abused him.

He also took the boy on a visit to the BBC studios at White City, in west London. During the journey, the boy claimed, he was indecently assaulted.

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NEWSNIGHT: Paxman vs Brand – full interview

Hats off to Russell Brand for this one. This interview with Paxman demonstrates – unequivocally – how humanity is going down a fork in the road. First of all, there are the Paxman’s of this world; the establishment lackeys who worship authority and whose narrow horizons simply cannot encompass any view of the world that doesn’t sit comfortably within their pre-programmed paradigms. Then there are those who are beginning to break down the firewalls of consciousness and perception and see the world – and its problems – in a completely new light. These two guys really aren’t on the same “wavelength”. A must watch.


An interview published by former TV weatherman Scott Stevens. The whistle-blower is apparently a major government insider who is suggesting that the recent government shut down in the US has nothing to do with the deficit but, rather, with huge spacecraft’s that have amassed themselves behind the moon… Scott Stevens has done much to expose the chemtrail phenomenon. At the very least he we should listen to this interview before dismissing it out of hand.

US In Panic After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India and Nigeria


I have always maintained that the chemtrails we see in our skies cover a multitude of sins; that is isn’t just about engineering the weather, but that it is also one of the many silent weapons in the depopulation agenda. This is an old story, from 2009 at least. I will leave the validity of this information to your own discretion .

Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that US Military Forces are “panicked” over the forced landings ordered by Indian and Nigerian Air Forces of two Ukrainian AN-124 aircraft [photo top left] operated by the United States Air Force and based at their gigantic, but secretive, Diego Garcia air base located in the Indian Ocean.

According to these reports, China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) notified both India and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukrainian aircraft over their growing concerns of the United States spreading of “biological agents” throughout our Earth’s atmosphere, and which some Chinese officials are warning is an American-European attempt to conduct mass genocide via the spread of the H1N1 swine flu virus which has put the entire Global population at risk.

The first of these aircraft to be ordered down, these reports continue, was over India when a US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civilian to military as it was preparing to enter Pakistani air space, and which triggered an immediate response from the IAF who forced it to land in Mumbai, and the second one was forced down by Nigerian fighter jets who promptly arrested both the crew and the plane itself.

Most strange about the reports filed by Indian and Nigerian intelligence agencies about these aircraft, other than the armaments they were carrying, were their waste disposal systems that these reports say could hold in excess of 45,000 kg (100,000 pounds) and from which a “technologically sophisticated” network of nano-pipes led to the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers for “dispersing” the contents of the waste tanks in an “aerial-type mist”.

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