New twist in Diana SAS mystery: Why are detectives examining this image discovered on the elusive Soldier N’s laptop… of snipers from his unit aiming at cars from a bridge in the UK?


The plot thickens. Although I strongly suspect that this is the beginning of a smear campaign against Soldier N, in an attempt to discredit him. Are we now meant to think to assume a link between the photograph and the assassination of Diana? That snipers poised on a bridge above the tunnel in which died somehow caused the car to crash? It’s a nonsense, and may well represent clever disinformation. Dian’s car was taken over by remote control, an SAS assassination technique know as the Boston Brakes.

An SAS sniper, lying on a bridge, points his long-range rifle towards a dual-carriageway and peers into his telescopic sight, as if poised to open fire. It makes for a startling image – all the more so since the picture was taken not in a conflict zone or even a training camp but in a public area in the Welsh countryside.

What makes it more arresting is that the photograph was found on a computer belonging to the Special Forces marksman known as Soldier N, who is said to have told his wife that members of the SAS ‘arranged’ the death of Princess Diana.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that it has now been passed to the Metropolitan Police, whose specialist crime and operations command is investigating the sensational, if improbable, assassination theory.

Read more:–snipers-unit-aiming-cars-bridge-UK.html#ixzz2gwK15Nje


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