The stupidity of war…

Today I paid my respects to the fallen privately, without getting caught up in the whole 11:11:11 ritual. As I explain in Chapter 4 of my book, entitled Controlled Conflict, all war is a racket, and wars are never waged for the reasons ascribed by our governing elites. What was the First World War but a major falling out of the ruling houses of Europe and, dare I say, an instrument of population control? When I pay my respects to the fallen, in an endless list of unnecessary wars waged for highly dubious reasons, I think also of the innocent casualties of war, and not just those men who, consciously or unconsciously, have allowed themselves to become “dumb stupid animals” and “instruments of foreign policy” as the war criminal Henry Kissinger once described them. Who really mourns for the fallen? Who really sheds a tear for the tragedy of war? All I see, hear and read are mindless platitudes, because it is expedient and politic to make them. What did the fallen really achieve for “liberty” in WW1? The expansion of the British Empire, the crime that was the Versailles Treaty? There was only one winner in the so-called “Great War” and that was the private banking interests – most significantly the House of Rothschild – who funded both sides. A man who takes the life of another is rightly dubbed a murderer. But a man who kills in a time of war is called a hero. Just another example of the double think and cognitive dissonance that subverts our reason and supresses our intellect. If you kill to further the interests of the establishment then I guess its ok. Today I remembered the fallen; the countless innocent victims of wars waged by the rich and the corrupt; WW1; WW2; Korea; Vietnam; Iraq; Afghanistan; Libya…the list goes and on and on. Why are we all so stupid?


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