The Kennedy Assassination: 50 Years On

So its 50 years since President Kennedy was taken out in a coup orchestrated by Allen Dulles, Lyndon Johnson, E. Howard Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover and a whole host of top establishment figures, including Clay Shaw, who New Orleans DA Jim Garrison put on trial in 1969. Oswald was an intelligence agent whose “defection” to the Soviet Union in 1959 was part of a highly classified reconnaissance mission. Think about it? After what McCarthy had done to the US in the 1950s, is it really conceivable that Oswald would simply be allowed to return to America in 1962 with a Russian wife and family? No way. In 2007 E. Howard Hunt, a CIA agent jailed for his involvement in the Watergate Scandal, confessed – on his death bed – that the CIA, along with Johnson, orchestrated the plot to kill Kennedy. Oswald was exactly what he says he was – “a patsy”.

After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy vowed to splinter the CIA into a “thousand pieces” and fired Allan Dulles, head of the CIA. Dulles was a major establishment figure in the US, a major part of “east coast US aristocracy ” and a cousin of the Rockefellers. Dulles’ law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, handled the contracts between Rockefellers Standard Oil and I.G. Farben – the chemical giant that manufactured the Zyklon B Gas in WW2. Dulles had even been appointed First Secretary of the US embassy in Berlin in the 1920s, and was present at the mansion of banker Baron Kurt von Schroeder in 1933 when it was agree that Hitler would be appointed Chancellor of Germany. Dulles personally oversaw the relocation of top Nazi scientists to the US courtesy of Operation Paper Clip authorised by Truman in 1945. Johnson, sworn in as President aboard Airforce 1 in the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, appointed Dulles to the Warren Commission, which would conclude that Oswald was the “lone gunman”.

For Oswald, read Bin Laden. How History repeats itself.


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