Remembering John Lennon…

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33 years ago today Mark Chapman gunned down John Lennon outside the Dakota building in Manhattan. But Mark Chapman was no deluded “lone nut”. He was a CIA asset and part of the agencies MK Ultra mind control programme. Lennon’s murder was a political assassination. MK Ultra mind control programmes originated with Nazi scientists given amnesty in the US after World War Two, through Operation Paperclip. Chapman was even holding a copy of the The Catcher in the Rye when he shot Lennon. This was the “trigger” that brought forward one of the many “alters” that mind control test subjects manifest. Chapman was a Manchurian Candidate – a CIA “sleeper agent” – of the highest order, in much the same vein as Sirhan Sirhan, the man who shot Bobby Kennedy. In hindsight, given the anti-Soviet rhetoric and the sabre rattling of the CFR dominated Reagan administration, it is not difficult to understand why they wanted Lennon dead. He was, after all, a man who could galvanise millions of people in opposition to the Reagan regime. Lennon was an enemy of the state and paid the price with his life. I cant believe its been 33 years. RIP John. You may be gone, but you – and your legacy – will never be forgotten.


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