Google buys military robot-maker Boston Dynamics


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Boston Dynamics, the company that has produced advanced robotics technology for DARPA and the Pentagon, becomes the eighth robotics company to be purchased by Google. If anyone was in any doubt that Google was, in reality, a contractor for the Pentagon and the DOD, then surely any lingering doubts will now be erased. Google earth, Google street view, Google glass, its all the pieces of the global control grid being assembled incrementally folks. As incredulous as it might sound to those who have not researched this, the plan is to use robots to police and track humanity by the year 2040. Ray Kurzweil, the Google executive and Bilderberger, has even revealed the plan to integrate humanity with technology and connect the brain directly to the internet. Imagine that….Google will know your every thought.

Google has acquired the engineering company that developed Cheetah, the world’s fastest-running robot and other animalistic mobile research machines.

Boston Dynamics, which contracts for the US military, is the eighth robotics company snapped up by Google this year.

Both the price and size of the project, which is led by former Android boss Andy Rubin, are being kept under wraps.

However, analysts say the purchases signal a rising interest in robotics use by consumer internet companies.

Online shopping portal Amazon, for example, recently announced plans to deploy a fleet of delivery drones.

Google has said it would honour the existing military contracts with Darpa.

Boston Dynamics’ videos of its walking robots have garnered millions of views online.

One of them, called BigDog, is remarkably agile for a machine and is able to move over rough terrain such as snow and ice.

Another, of a four-legged robot named WildCat, shows the noisy machine galloping down a car park at high speed and pivoting quickly on the spot.

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