Half of Britain to be offered for shale gas drilling as fracking areas face 50 trucks passing each day


This has nothing to do with cheap energy but everything to do with poisoning whole communities and depopulation through slow kill. Up to 6oo chemicals are used in fracking fluid, including Lead, Uranium, Mercury, Methanol and Formaldehyde, all of which can contaminate nearby groundwater. If you work in law enforcement, and value the future of your children, maybe instead of assaulting people who are engaged in legitimate protest against fracking, you will instead support them.

Fracking could take place across more than half of Britain under plans announced by the Government to “step up the search” for shale gas and oil.

Ministers said they would offer energy companies the chance for rights to drill across more than 37,000 square miles, stretching from central Scotland to the south coast.

Every county in England except Cornwall could have shale gas exploration, according to a map showing areas the Government plans to offer to energy companies.

A Government-commissioned report released on Tuesday said as many as 2,880 wells could be drilled, generating up to a fifth of the country’s annual gas demand at peak and creating as many as 32,000 jobs.

Read more here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/fracking/10523069/Half-of-Britain-to-be-offered-for-shale-gas-drilling-as-fracking-areas-face-50-trucks-passing-each-day.html

The Dangers of Fracking: http://www.dangersoffracking.com/


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