Police State UK: Police under investigation after three schoolboys with learning difficulties were TASERED


Watch the cover up and the spin ensue. “He was dangerous”. “They had a history of violence”. “We thought they were brandishing knives“.

Police are being investigated after a group of schoolboys with learning difficulties were Tasered at a special needs school.

The police watchdog is supervising an investigation into how three boys – aged 14 and 15 – were blasted with a 50,000-volt electric stun gun.

Several police units were called to Chelfham Senior School near Plymouth, a special needs school owned by the exclusive Priory Group following an alleged assault on a teacher in a ‘scuffle’ with pupils.

The incident at the school, which specialises in children with learning difficulties including behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and autism, happened at 9.20pm on December 1.

Campaigners reacted with fury at the time saying the use of Taser on a vulnerable boy with a complex learning difficulty flouts police guidelines.

The day and residential school for boys and girls aged seven to 19 in the village of Bere Alston in the Devon countryside, is owned by the Priory Group, a private company known for its addiction clinics favoured by celebrities.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2528842/Police-investigation-three-schoolboys-learning-difficulties-TASERED.html#ixzz2oORwxgYj


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