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British Ministers propose a 9 hour school day and the end of long school holidays!


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Having worked in “education” for 12 years, I know from personal experience that schools are not nice places to be at all – especially for children. They are prisons and centres of indoctrination, not education. Now British Ministers, most prominently Paul Kirby, the PM’s former policy chief, are proposing extending the school day until 6pm and vastly curtailing school holidays. Ostensibly, this is being proposed to boost standards and reduce childcare costs.

Yeah, right.

Once again, one must step back and comprehend the bigger picture – the vast tapestry that is the global conspiracy – in order to discern where this is really coming from, why, and to what end. In 1969, Dr. Richard Day, a major Rockefeller and New World Order insider, and the then Director of Planned Parenthood, told a meeting of students and health care professionals at the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society about profound changes that were planned to be implemented to global society as part of the drive towards a New World Order. Dr. Day told the attendees to turn off any recording equipment and not to take notes, but Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a Pittsburgh paediatrician, continued to make note surreptitiously on a napkin. Dunegan, in an interview conducted with Randy Engel in 1988, revealed that Dr. Day outlined the elite plan to initiate fundamental changes to almost every area of human life – from the deliberate erosion of the nation state, the sabotage of American industry, the modification of the weather, the brutalization of sex through the media, and the suppression of cancer treatments. Significantly, Dr. Day also said that:

Education would be restructured as a tool of indoctrination

The family unit would be undermined and instead schools would become the hub of the community

Children would be forced to spend more time in school but would not learn anything

The extension of the school day has nothing to do with raising standards; rather, it is part of a multifaced agenda to transform human society; and to create a generation of non-thinking, obedient worker drones. The ultimate canon fodder of the New World Order.

Schools would open until 6pm for up to 45 weeks a year under plans drawn up by David Cameron’s former Number Ten policy chief.

Paul Kirby suggests long summer holidays and short working days for teachers should be scrapped.

Under the highly controversial scheme, which would enrage teaching unions, the average school day would run from 9am to 6pm, while school holidays would be slashed to seven weeks.

A Government source said ministers were keen for more schools to experiment with different hours, but said Mr Kirby’s call for a compulsory 45-hour week went ‘well beyond’ anything being considered.

Schools already have the freedom to set their own term dates and vary the length of days, which could signal the end of the long summer holidays for thousands of children.

Mr Kirby told The Sun his proposals would ‘transform the lives of most households in the UK within two years’.

Nine-hour school days would slash childcare costs for parents and boost education standards, it was claimed.

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Heartbreaking moment distraught animal sanctuary owner collapsed into mud as bailiffs arrived to evict her after 20 years


Appalling. Truly appalling. Unfortunately incidents like this will only increase as the ownership class sends in the mindless bully boys from the thug caste to enforce their economic tyranny. Here is a woman – a human being operating from a perspective of compassion, rather than “what’s in it for me” – having her work and livelihood torn away simply because she has fallen behind in repaying money which did not exist in the first place. Shame on the mindless cretins who act first and never think later. What these morons fail to grasps is that, not long from now, this very system they slavishly administer will be coming for them too.

This is the moment a distraught animal sanctuary owner collapsed in the mud after bailiffs arrived to evict her from her farm.

Paula Campbell, who has cared for thousands of abandoned pets over the past 20 years, was so overcome with grief she required hospital treatment.

Following years of court cases and appeals, bailiffs arrived to take possession of the sanctuary due to thousands of pounds owed in mortgage arrears.

Her sanctuary has successfully re-homed thousands of cats and dogs throughout the North East of England.

But the cost of ­supporting the animals was crippling Miss Campbell, with the cost of feeding them rising to £1,000 a month.

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Rise of the Machines: Google’s search engine could think like a HUMAN: Firm buys artificial intelligence startup DeepMind for a rumoured £302m


Google just becomes more sinister by the day. Google IS the real Skynet.

Google’s search engine can already understand context, and its apps can learn from their mistakes – yet the firm’s latest acquisition is set to make this technology even more advanced, and even more human.

Reports claim the California tech giant acquired London-based artificial intelligence (AI) firm DeepMind for around $500m (£302m) – although some reports quote the figure closer to $400m (£242m).

DeepMind specialises in ‘machine learning’ – designing computers that learn from their mistakes – and was set up by a group of neuroscientists and AI experts.

This latest acquisition follows Google’s recent purchase of seven robotics firms, including Meka, which makes humanoid robots, and Industrial Perception, which specialises in machines that can package goods and load up lorries, for example.

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Robots to Breed with Each Other and Humans by 2045

breeding robots

A very interesting, albeit sobering, read.

The magical transhumanist date of 2045 holds many predictions for how man will attain his final merger with computer systems and usher in an age of “spiritual” machines. Ray Kurzweil has issued a bevy of likely scenarios in his book The Singularity is Near, and continues to suggest that much of those predictions could arrive much sooner. Others have pointed strictly to the economic impact and have marked 2045 has the date when humans could be completely outsourced to robotic workers.

Now cybernetic experts are pointing to the trends in robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing to suggest that the “merger” could go beyond the establishment of an era of cyborgs and into a very literal one: sex with robots.

There has been an ongoing move to create humanoid robots that can more than simply mimic human ability and behavior. Attention is being paid to the social aspect as well. But what is now being proposed has even more serious ethical and existential implications, and very well could bring about the concept of a true “master race.”

The other day there was the announcement that researchers are developing a “Wikipedia for Robots” that enables robots to learn from a cloud-based Internet sharing system … designed only for them. When this concept fully takes shape, it will resemble a social structure that is decidedly human – our ability to learn from one another in order to become more efficient and intelligent.

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New book claims Hitler escaped his Berlin bunker and died in South America in 1984 aged 95

Hitler escape

A very interesting piece from the Daily Mail, albeit littered with ridicule by closed minded “experts” who dismiss such ideas as “conspiracy theories”. According to the professionally feeble minded, i.e. “Historian” Guy Walters, claims about Hitler’s escape are ‘2,000 per cent rubbish” and “an absolute disgrace. There’s no substance to it at all. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists and has no place whatsoever in historical research.’ Really. I just love the way that academics get so prickly when confronted by information that threatens their cosy little world view. Notice, also, how the so-called “expert” has not cited a single piece of evidence to refute the possibility of Hitler’s escape. But, of course, he doesn’t need to, because he is an “expert” and an “academic”; therefore he must be right. Prat.

He is believed to have died after shooting himself in a Berlin bunker in 1945 when he realised Germany had lost World War II.

But a startling new book claims Adolf Hitler actually escaped his hideout and died incognito in 1984 in a small town near Brazil’s border with Bolivia – and it can be proved by a picture.

Not only that, but the author believes the Fuhrer fled to Argentina and then Paraguay before settling in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso to hunt for buried treasure – with a map given to him by Vatican allies, according to its author.

As part of his elaborate ruse to escape detection, he also had a relationship with a black woman called Cutinga, which was meant to prove that he could not be the dictator who hated anyone who did not fit his Aryan ideal, the book claims.

Post-graduate student Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias has outlined her bizarre theory, claiming the fascist actually died aged 95.

The book, titled ‘Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death’, challenges the accepted view that the dictator shot himself in his Berlin bunker on April 30 1945.

She claims he may have lived as Adolf Leipzig in the small town of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, 30 miles from the state capital Cuiaba.

Simoni, a Brazilian who comes from Cuiaba, says Leipzig was known locally as the ‘Old German.’

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First nutrient-enriched GM crops could be grown at Rothamsted in Harpenden

0a Monsanto

This is right on my doorstep and wouldn’t be the first time GM wheat trials have taken place at Rothamsted. GM crop fields always run the very probable risk of contaminating or cross pollinating non GMO fields. For that reason alone I would urge protestors to get down to Rothamsted asap.

The introduction of GM foods into the food chain is one of the most deadly of the silent weapons in the population reduction agenda. Please see the archives for a range of articles on the danger to human health posed by GM foods.

A genetically modified crop boosted with a dietary supplement could be grown for the first time in Britain as early as this year following a request by scientists to conduct a controversial field trial at a heavily-protected research site in Hertfordshire.

The government-funded researchers have applied this week for formal permission to grow the first GM plants that are designed to produce high yields of the same omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, which are linked with a healthy diet.

They could receive the go-ahead within three months and the first GM seeds could be sown this spring on the same high-security plot of land within the large estate owned by Rothamsted Research in Harpenden, where GM wheat trials took place successfully over the previous two years without being destroyed by activists.

If the fish-oil field trials are successful, the technology could be used to produce food that is enriched with the omega-3 fatty acids linked with alleged health benefits such as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease – although the scientific support for these claims is mixed.

The GM crop fortified with the genes for making fish oil is among the first of a new generation of genetically engineering food plants designed to boost vital dietary supplements – so-called “nutraceuticals”. Anti-GM activists in the Philippines last year destroyed field trials of GM “golden rice”, which is fortified with genes for precursors to vitamin A.

Wary of public opposition to the trial, the Rothamsted researchers emphasised that they are more interested in showing it is possible to produce commercial quantities of omega-3 fatty acids to supply the fish-meal market for farmed fish which currently accounts for 80 per cent of the omega-3 fish oils harvested from wild-caught marine organisms.

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