Nearly all cars to be autonomous by 2050


The bulk of humanity will indeed be obsolete and of no use to the mega elite by the mid point of the century.

Now, this may only be a study, but it’s one that we think may hold some water. Multiple traditional manufacturers are embarking on autonomous-vehicle projects, and they’re being joined by the likes of tech giant Google along with any number of major industry suppliers.

As for what these numbers will mean for the industry, IHS is only predicting self-driving cars to make up two-tenths of a percent of sales in 2025, with price premiums of $7,000 to $10,000. By 2035, 9.2-percent of new vehicles sold will be autonomous, as prices are driven down to a mere $3,000 more than a traditionally controlled vehicle.

The effects of self-driving cars on society, meanwhile, will be more mixed. According to the study, 90-percent of traffic deaths are due to driver error, which means we should see a reduction in fatalities once humans are taken out of the equation. The bad news is, humans who drive for a living – whether it be over-the-road truckers or your friendly UPS driver – are likely to be among the first redundancies as autonomous commercial vehicles become more common.

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