Is HAARP behind the freezing temperatures in the US?

haarp freeze

Back in May 2013 it was announced that HAARP was “shutting down” due to a lack of funding. I speculated at the time that this was simply a cover story, and that the last vestige of civilian control – exercised through the University of Alaska – was about to be turned over exclusively to the DOD and DARPA, meaning HAARP would now be effectively “off the books”. The record shattering extreme cold to beset the US in the last few days, brining pretty much all of the Northern United States to a shuddering halt, is eerily similar to the scenario depicted in the 2004 film, The Day After Tomorrow. Contrary to the official propaganda, this extreme cold is not being caused by a “Polar Vortex” but by a weakened Jetstream, which has meandered to such a southerly trajectory that it is allowing extremely cold polar air to swamp the Northern US. If you are new to this blog, or the subject of weather modification, please find a wide range of articles in the archives about how HAARP can manipulate the ionosphere and thereby alter the strength and the trajectory of the polar Jetstream.

Don’t blame the polar vortex. The real reason for the cold snap paralysing North America this week is a slow jet stream.

The cold is extreme, and deadly. In Minnesota, the wind chill was down to minus 51 °C. Chicago (pictured) hit a record low of minus 27 °C on Monday, and ice built up along Lake Michigan. TV weather channels warned that frostbite could set in after just 5 minutes of exposure, planes have been grounded after fuel froze, schools have closed and Indianapolis banned driving. Key crops like wheat are also at risk.

It has been 20 years since the entire mainland US was affected like this, says forecaster Brian Korty of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland.

As temperatures fell, some blamed a mysterious polar vortex, but this is a system of winds in the stratosphere that spins around the Arctic and Antarctic during their respective winters, many kilometres above the weather. There is nothing unusual about the polar vortex, according to the UK Met Office. Instead, cold Arctic air has reached North America thanks to a weakened jet stream – the continent’s atmospheric conveyor belt.



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