Avatar’s human robot set to become a reality: 16ft metal exoskeleton will ‘lope along like a gorilla’ with a top speed of 19mph

Man creates Prosthesis the first human-piloted racing robot, Vancouver, Canada - 21 Jan 2014

The Transhumanist agenda continues to break the surface at an alarming rate. Don’t buy into this idea that this technology inspired the move Avatar. The reverse is true. Hollywood is a massive part of the conditioning process.

It might resemble the giant exoskeleton as seen in the James Cameron film Avatar, but this terrifying-looking machine of the future is set to become a reality.

A team of Canadian engineers and innovators are working on creating a giant human-controlled walking ‘anti-robot’ called Prosthesis, which is being built ‘by humans, for humans’.

Its performance will be completely dependent on the person strapped into its vast cockpit of the massive metal exoskeleton, who will control it with their body.

When it is built, the anti-robot will be a ‘hi-tech racing machine’ but piloting the machine will be difficult for the human inside it and there will be no automated controls.

In effect the creation, which will stand 16ft tall, is like a hefty mechanical suit and has already began being built in a laboratory in Vancouver, Canada.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2543436/Human-robot-set-reality-16ft-metal-exoskeleton-lope-like-gorilla-speed-19mph.html#ixzz2rAEq736V


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