Rise of the Machines: Google’s search engine could think like a HUMAN: Firm buys artificial intelligence startup DeepMind for a rumoured £302m


Google just becomes more sinister by the day. Google IS the real Skynet.

Google’s search engine can already understand context, and its apps can learn from their mistakes – yet the firm’s latest acquisition is set to make this technology even more advanced, and even more human.

Reports claim the California tech giant acquired London-based artificial intelligence (AI) firm DeepMind for around $500m (£302m) – although some reports quote the figure closer to $400m (£242m).

DeepMind specialises in ‘machine learning’ – designing computers that learn from their mistakes – and was set up by a group of neuroscientists and AI experts.

This latest acquisition follows Google’s recent purchase of seven robotics firms, including Meka, which makes humanoid robots, and Industrial Perception, which specialises in machines that can package goods and load up lorries, for example.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2546639/Could-Googles-robot-army-behave-like-HUMANS-Firm-buys-artificial-intelligence-startup-DeepMind-rumoured-302m.html#ixzz2rdB6D8bt


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