British Ministers propose a 9 hour school day and the end of long school holidays!


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Having worked in “education” for 12 years, I know from personal experience that schools are not nice places to be at all – especially for children. They are prisons and centres of indoctrination, not education. Now British Ministers, most prominently Paul Kirby, the PM’s former policy chief, are proposing extending the school day until 6pm and vastly curtailing school holidays. Ostensibly, this is being proposed to boost standards and reduce childcare costs.

Yeah, right.

Once again, one must step back and comprehend the bigger picture – the vast tapestry that is the global conspiracy – in order to discern where this is really coming from, why, and to what end. In 1969, Dr. Richard Day, a major Rockefeller and New World Order insider, and the then Director of Planned Parenthood, told a meeting of students and health care professionals at the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society about profound changes that were planned to be implemented to global society as part of the drive towards a New World Order. Dr. Day told the attendees to turn off any recording equipment and not to take notes, but Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a Pittsburgh paediatrician, continued to make note surreptitiously on a napkin. Dunegan, in an interview conducted with Randy Engel in 1988, revealed that Dr. Day outlined the elite plan to initiate fundamental changes to almost every area of human life – from the deliberate erosion of the nation state, the sabotage of American industry, the modification of the weather, the brutalization of sex through the media, and the suppression of cancer treatments. Significantly, Dr. Day also said that:

Education would be restructured as a tool of indoctrination

The family unit would be undermined and instead schools would become the hub of the community

Children would be forced to spend more time in school but would not learn anything

The extension of the school day has nothing to do with raising standards; rather, it is part of a multifaced agenda to transform human society; and to create a generation of non-thinking, obedient worker drones. The ultimate canon fodder of the New World Order.

Schools would open until 6pm for up to 45 weeks a year under plans drawn up by David Cameron’s former Number Ten policy chief.

Paul Kirby suggests long summer holidays and short working days for teachers should be scrapped.

Under the highly controversial scheme, which would enrage teaching unions, the average school day would run from 9am to 6pm, while school holidays would be slashed to seven weeks.

A Government source said ministers were keen for more schools to experiment with different hours, but said Mr Kirby’s call for a compulsory 45-hour week went ‘well beyond’ anything being considered.

Schools already have the freedom to set their own term dates and vary the length of days, which could signal the end of the long summer holidays for thousands of children.

Mr Kirby told The Sun his proposals would ‘transform the lives of most households in the UK within two years’.

Nine-hour school days would slash childcare costs for parents and boost education standards, it was claimed.

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