Heartbreaking moment distraught animal sanctuary owner collapsed into mud as bailiffs arrived to evict her after 20 years


Appalling. Truly appalling. Unfortunately incidents like this will only increase as the ownership class sends in the mindless bully boys from the thug caste to enforce their economic tyranny. Here is a woman – a human being operating from a perspective of compassion, rather than “what’s in it for me” – having her work and livelihood torn away simply because she has fallen behind in repaying money which did not exist in the first place. Shame on the mindless cretins who act first and never think later. What these morons fail to grasps is that, not long from now, this very system they slavishly administer will be coming for them too.

This is the moment a distraught animal sanctuary owner collapsed in the mud after bailiffs arrived to evict her from her farm.

Paula Campbell, who has cared for thousands of abandoned pets over the past 20 years, was so overcome with grief she required hospital treatment.

Following years of court cases and appeals, bailiffs arrived to take possession of the sanctuary due to thousands of pounds owed in mortgage arrears.

Her sanctuary has successfully re-homed thousands of cats and dogs throughout the North East of England.

But the cost of ­supporting the animals was crippling Miss Campbell, with the cost of feeding them rising to £1,000 a month.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2548723/Distraught-animal-sanctuary-owner-collapses-mud-bailiffs-arrive-evict-following-legal-battle.html#ixzz2s08F2HOk


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