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Support the People’s Voice!!

It has been announced today that TPV will cease broadcasting live shows until, as I understand it, additional funding can be found. Simply put, many, many people have enjoyed watching and listening to the amazing information TPV have put out, but, alas, have not put their hands in their pockets. Even a donation as small as £5 a month – far less than you pay for your TV license to watch the shite put out by the BBC- would have kept the station going. These are, of course, economically challenging times, but if people really want to effect a change; if people are serious about challenging the monopoly and the inherent bias of the MSM, then you need to put your money – albeit a very small amount – where your mouth is. This isn’t a game folks. If you have come to this information because you find it entertaining, or intriguing – something to titillate you with your bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning, before retreating back to your family and kids, your so-called “normal life” – then you are wasting your time. You might be flirting with the idea of being awake, but alas, you are not awake. The system still has you.

Put your hand in your pocket and put your money where your mouth is. Don’t want to be out of pocket?? Then throw your TV out and stop paying the BBC – a corporation that employs paedophiles and perverts, and covers up their crimes – the license fee.

You can donate here:

Here is just some of what you will miss:

Are the robots about to rise? Google’s new director of engineering thinks so…

future 16

According to Google’s director of engineering, computers will gain consciousness in just over a decade. Ray Kurzweil has even predicted “singularity” – that is, the point in the future in which man and machine will converge. Is Kurzweil a big time insider, with foreknowledge of what is to come? Or a techno crackpot obsessed with his own longevity? I would gravitate, of course, to the former.

Ray Kurzweil who believes that we can live for ever and that computers will gain what looks like a lot like consciousness in a little over a decade is now Google’s director of engineering. The announcement of this, last year, was extraordinary enough. To people who work with tech or who are interested in tech and who are familiar with the idea that Kurzweil has popularised of “the singularity” – the moment in the future when men and machines will supposedly converge – and know him as either a brilliant maverick and visionary futurist, or a narcissistic crackpot obsessed with longevity, this was headline news in itself.

But it’s what came next that puts this into context. It’s since been revealed that Google has gone on an unprecedented shopping spree and is in the throes of assembling what looks like the greatest artificial intelligence laboratory on Earth; a laboratory designed to feast upon a resource of a kind that the world has never seen before: truly massive data. Our data. From the minutiae of our lives.

Google has bought almost every machine-learning and robotics company it can find, or at least, rates. It made headlines two months ago, when it bought Boston Dynamics, the firm that produces spectacular, terrifyingly life-like military robots, for an “undisclosed” but undoubtedly massive sum. It spent $3.2bn (£1.9bn) on smart thermostat maker Nest Labs. And this month, it bought the secretive and cutting-edge British artificial intelligence startup DeepMind for £242m.

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Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refuses to quit

Very interesting developments indeed, especially in light of the revelations that the “I am a Ukrainian” video has been exposed as a Kony style scam. The controlled press have been pushing the idea of a grass roots revolution in the Ukraine when, in fact, the evidence suggests the uprising can be traced all the way back to the US State Department. Ukraine is caught in a tug of war between the EU and their globalist sponsors in the US State Department, the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg, on the one hand, (who want complete control of Europe) and on the other the Putin regime in Moscow, which remains a serious thorn in the side of the globalists and their ambitions of world government.

Ukrainian President Yanukovych has said he has no intention of quitting and has described events in the capital Kiev events as a “coup”.

The opposition is effectively in control of the city and parliament.

Protesters have walked unchallenged into the president’s official and residential buildings.

A deal was reached between Mr Yanukovych and opposition leaders on Friday, but many protesters continue to demand his resignation.

In a pre recorded interview aired on a Ukrainian station shortly after 16:00 local time (14:00 GMT), Mr Yanukovych said he needed to “protect the people” and that he would “spare no effort to end the bloodshed”.

He said was the legitimately elected president, and that he would not leave Ukraine and would not resign.

He described the events in Kiev as “vandalism, banditry and a coup”.

Source: BBC News.

As a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hits Devon and Cornwall, secret Met Office report predicted a “drier than normal” winter!


The Mail reports today that “The Met Office’s ‘pitiful’ forecasts were under fire last night after it was revealed it told councils in November to expect ‘drier than usual’ conditions this winter.
In the worst weather prediction since Michael Fish reassured the nation in October 1987 that there was no hurricane on the way, forecasters said the Somerset Levels – still under water after more than two months of flooding – and the rest of the West Country would be especially dry.Last night, it was confirmed the UK had instead suffered the wettest winter since records began”.

Read the full article here:

Of course long range weather forecasts cannot predict the violent and sudden changes to pressure systems that occur as a result of ionospheric heating and the manipulation of the jet stream. Such predictions in the event of said manipulations will fall, therefore, very wide of the mark. Does this not represent, moreover, something of a smoking gun as to the reality of weather modification programmes? Yes, the Met Office can and often do get it wrong. But surely not to this degree?

Meanwhile the mainstream media are now reporting that yesterdays quake in the west country was 3.6 and not, as initially reported by Sky News, 4.1. According to the Mail, “The quake occurred just before midnight and its epicentre was in the Bristol Channel 25 miles (40kms) west of Bude on the Cornish coast, a spokesman for the British Geological Survey said.The earthquake measured 3.6 on the Richter scale and there were reports of houses vibrating and rumbling,” said the spokesman”.

The official consensus appears to be that there is “nothing unusual” about earthquakes of this strength and nature in the United Kingdom, but I would beg to differ. After almost 40 years on this planet, I cannot recall, in my lifetime, an earthquake of this strength. Readers of this blog will already know where I stand on HAARP and its capabilities. It has long been hypothesised that high frequency radio energy, bounced back to earth from the ionosphere over a target region, can penetrate several kilometre’s into the ground , thereby accentuating naturally occurring seismic energy – potentially increasing that energy to a level of rupture. Is it just a coincide that the west country experiences a powerful earthquake only days after a “blocked jet stream” led to the wettest weather ever recorded? What if this is just the beginning? What if an even more powerful earthquake in the Atlantic or the English channel sends sea water crashing in to already devastated costal communities?

This weather war, I strongly suspect, is far from over.

Another JP Morgan Banker Leaps to His Death

dead banker

So the mysterious suicides of J P Morgan bankers continues. Last month a senior J P Morgan manager jumped off the top of a skyscraper in Canary Wharf, London, and since then numerous suicides – at least 7 – have been reported, the latest one only yesterday at the banking Empire’s headquarters in Hong Kong.

Is there a massive financial crisis looming, as some reporters have suggested, or an impending legal case against the bank for fiscal impropriety? If it is the latter, then surely all the major banks are equally as guilty?

I shall be following this story with great interest.

Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

An excellent survey of weather modification programmes since World War Two. My own feeling is that the Nazis were engaged in some type of weather modification programme – hence the awful weather during the D Day invasion – and that these programmes, like so much else, were exported to the US via the Paper Clip scientists.

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

NASA Documents reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate


Al Gore Says the Science of Global Warming is Settled


It’s unacceptable that the UN/IPCC continue to push CO2 as the cause for climate change but refuse to acknowledge the military has been actively engaged in Climate Warming Weapons Technologies for more than 20 years. 


TITLE:  “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification”

This set of documents from 1966 reveals a network of government agencies in perpetual and secret collaboration with each other and the military to Modify the Global climate.  Created by the elitist National Academy of Sciences – decades of an inter-agency culture of secrecy explains why the issue of covert aerosol Geoengineering is a taboo topic to be degraded to the status of “conspiracy theory” by a matrix of complicit bureaucrats at every opportunity.  This…

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