Chemtrail white blobs!!


People of Hertfordshire please be on the look out for white chewing gum like blobs that are falling from the sky. Several people have now reported seeing this. This phenomenon has well documented connections to Chemtrail fallout and should not be touched!! If you see it, please document it. Chemtrails cover a multitude of sins, not all of them weather related. My own research has led me to believe that Chemtrails are also part of a mass germ warfare programme. Just a crazy conspiracy theory?? Not at all. In 2002 declassified MOD documents revealed how, between 1955 and 1979, dangerous chemicals and microorganisms were released over a large swathe of the UK population as part of a programme of covert germ warfare tests. Some of these “tests” involved spraying vast quantities of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population, from planes flying from the tip of Cornwall to the North-East of England. Zinc cadmium was classified as a chemical weapon by the Allies during the Second World War and has long been recognised as a cause of lung cancer.


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