Miliband: extreme weather caused by “climate change”.

twat 2

So Ed Miliband has stated that the current extreme weather and incessant rain is being driven by “climate change”. The Labour leader said “the science is clear that climate change is to blame for floods that have swept across the country – and will lead to more such events”. Miliband is either incredibly stupid and believes in the Club of Rome created climate change swindle; or he is aware of the real causes of the extreme weather and is knowingly peddling this elite sponsored deception. Either way he is a prat, and a dangerous one. Of course the science is “clear” about mad man climate change. After all, arctic ice cover increased by almost 30% in 2013, and the US is currently experiencing extreme cold and snow – as well as much of central Europe. “Climate change” is indeed man made, but it has nothing to do with carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses but everything to do with geoengineering and the expanding network of HAARP facilities.


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