As a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hits Devon and Cornwall, secret Met Office report predicted a “drier than normal” winter!


The Mail reports today that “The Met Office’s ‘pitiful’ forecasts were under fire last night after it was revealed it told councils in November to expect ‘drier than usual’ conditions this winter.
In the worst weather prediction since Michael Fish reassured the nation in October 1987 that there was no hurricane on the way, forecasters said the Somerset Levels – still under water after more than two months of flooding – and the rest of the West Country would be especially dry.Last night, it was confirmed the UK had instead suffered the wettest winter since records began”.

Read the full article here:

Of course long range weather forecasts cannot predict the violent and sudden changes to pressure systems that occur as a result of ionospheric heating and the manipulation of the jet stream. Such predictions in the event of said manipulations will fall, therefore, very wide of the mark. Does this not represent, moreover, something of a smoking gun as to the reality of weather modification programmes? Yes, the Met Office can and often do get it wrong. But surely not to this degree?

Meanwhile the mainstream media are now reporting that yesterdays quake in the west country was 3.6 and not, as initially reported by Sky News, 4.1. According to the Mail, “The quake occurred just before midnight and its epicentre was in the Bristol Channel 25 miles (40kms) west of Bude on the Cornish coast, a spokesman for the British Geological Survey said.The earthquake measured 3.6 on the Richter scale and there were reports of houses vibrating and rumbling,” said the spokesman”.

The official consensus appears to be that there is “nothing unusual” about earthquakes of this strength and nature in the United Kingdom, but I would beg to differ. After almost 40 years on this planet, I cannot recall, in my lifetime, an earthquake of this strength. Readers of this blog will already know where I stand on HAARP and its capabilities. It has long been hypothesised that high frequency radio energy, bounced back to earth from the ionosphere over a target region, can penetrate several kilometre’s into the ground , thereby accentuating naturally occurring seismic energy – potentially increasing that energy to a level of rupture. Is it just a coincide that the west country experiences a powerful earthquake only days after a “blocked jet stream” led to the wettest weather ever recorded? What if this is just the beginning? What if an even more powerful earthquake in the Atlantic or the English channel sends sea water crashing in to already devastated costal communities?

This weather war, I strongly suspect, is far from over.


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