Support the People’s Voice!!

It has been announced today that TPV will cease broadcasting live shows until, as I understand it, additional funding can be found. Simply put, many, many people have enjoyed watching and listening to the amazing information TPV have put out, but, alas, have not put their hands in their pockets. Even a donation as small as £5 a month – far less than you pay for your TV license to watch the shite put out by the BBC- would have kept the station going. These are, of course, economically challenging times, but if people really want to effect a change; if people are serious about challenging the monopoly and the inherent bias of the MSM, then you need to put your money – albeit a very small amount – where your mouth is. This isn’t a game folks. If you have come to this information because you find it entertaining, or intriguing – something to titillate you with your bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning, before retreating back to your family and kids, your so-called “normal life” – then you are wasting your time. You might be flirting with the idea of being awake, but alas, you are not awake. The system still has you.

Put your hand in your pocket and put your money where your mouth is. Don’t want to be out of pocket?? Then throw your TV out and stop paying the BBC – a corporation that employs paedophiles and perverts, and covers up their crimes – the license fee.

You can donate here:

Here is just some of what you will miss:


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