Chemtrail “Hybrid Clouds”

Photographed last summer (July 2013) this is what I refer to as a Chemtrail Hybrid.

Photographed last summer (July 2013) this is what I refer to as a Chemtrail Hybrid.

We had another day of intense trailing here in the south east of the UK (London, Herts). I managed to observe the trailing over several hours and witnessed phenomenon I have seen before. I observed two very distinct type of trail, as I have done on many previous occasions. By 10:00 am there was already a vast grid of heavy trails which, of course, do not dissipate but which gradually fan out to cover a large area of the sky; but I also observed what I call the temporary “zig zag” trails. These resemble some kind of standing wave pattern and are often sprayed within the chemtrail “grid”, but dissipate soon after.

After roughly 60-minutes of heavy trailing, I began to notice the development of cirrus like formations which seemed to have some kind of symbiotic relationship to the fanned out trails. That is to say, in the chain of causality, the cirrus clouds seemed to have been generated by the metallic particulates sprayed into the upper atmosphere. I have appropriated the term “Hybrids” for this type of strange, ugly, unnatural looking formation. By mid-afternoon, what should have been a beautiful clear blue sky was saturated in the deathly pale white of these chemtrail chimeras.

It is of great interest to note, therefore, that the process of generating artificially induced clouds – the hybrids that I am talking about – was described in great detail in the US Air Force document, Owning the Weather, published almost two decades ago in 1996. In Chapter 4, entitled “Concept of Operations” the authors examined a range of possible methods that could be used for altering the weather. It is written that:

This study by William M. Gray, et al., investigated the hypothesis that “significant beneficial influences can be derived through judicious exploitation of the solar absorption potential of carbon black dust.”3 The study ultimately found that this technology could be used to enhance rainfall on the mesoscale, generate cirrus clouds, and enhance cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds in otherwise dry areas. The technology can be described as follows. Just as a black tar roof easily absorbs solar energy and subsequently radiates heat during a sunny day, carbon black also readily absorbs solar energy. When dispersed in microscopic or “dust” form in the air over a large body of water, the carbon becomes hot and heats the surrounding air, thereby increasing the amount of evaporation from the body of water below. As the surrounding air heats up, parcels of air will rise and the water vapor contained in the rising air parcel will eventually condense to form clouds.

Of course, if you substitute Carbon dust for the particulates sprayed into the sky as part of the aerosol programme today, all of which are known conductors of heat – as well as conductors of microwave or high frequency radio energy – then we may be one step closer to understanding how “Chemtrails” do indeed alter the weather.


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