Navy SEALs ‘took turns dumping HUNDREDS of bullets’ into Osama bin Laden’s dead body…yeah, right.



fake 1

fake 2

So the mail online has today run a story claiming that the Navy Seal team that “took out” Bin Laden “unloaded multiple magazines full of ammunition into the dead terror leader’s corpse”. Utter crap. What the article fails to mention is that several members of the so-called “Team 6” were conveniently killed in a helicopter crash only three months after the alleged killing of Bin Laden. Within days of Obama’s announcement that Bin Laden had been “neutralised”, Steve R. Pieczenik, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations – Nixon, Ford and Carter – told Prison that Bin Laden had been dead since 2001. Indeed, in 2002, “Pieczenik told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months,” and that the government was waiting for the most politically expedient time to roll out his corpse”. This assertion married up with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf assertion that “bin Laden had kidney disease, and that he had required a dialysis machine when he lived in Afghanistan”.

The “death” of Bin Laden was pure hokum and psy ops; designed to boost Obama’s approval ratings and lend credence to the official mantra of 9/11. Bin Laden was a CIA asset who operated under the alias of Tim Osman as declassified State Department documents now confirm. “Osman” or Bin Laden was a pawn of the then National Security Adviser to President Cater, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a major insider and founding member of the Trilateral Commission. The CIA funded the Mujahedeen and created Al Qaeda.

The rest, as they say, is all bullshit.

Provably so.


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