Rethinking the Crop Circle Phenomenon



A Black unmarked Apache photographed over the Milk Hill formation in July 2011.

A Black unmarked Apache photographed over the Milk Hill formation in July 2011.

The East Field formation July 2012. The farmer had cut the formation out. The energy inside this formation was incredibly oppressive. Whilst this picture came out, the video footage that I shot did not.

The East Field formation July 2012. The farmer had cut the formation out. The energy inside this formation was incredibly oppressive. Whilst this picture came out, the video footage that I shot did not.

I have studied the crop circle phenomenon since I was a teenager. I was 14 in 1989 when the phenomenon began to make front page news in the UK, and the formations became increasingly more complex, appearing as pictograms, rather than as simple circles. Even as a 14 year old, I was very sceptical about the “Doug and Dave” pranks with planks explanation. I do not doubt that they did indeed hoax formations, but not on the level and the scale that they claimed. That said, many of the complex formations appearing in our fields, at least in the UK, in the last two decades are indeed man made. I have travelled to Wiltshire, where the majority of formations are reported in Britain, numerous times during the last 4 summers. Most of the formations I have visited, whilst impressive from the sky, exhibit all the classic hallmarks of human design, such as board marks and damage to the crop itself. However, I have also visited formations that did not exhibit obvious signs of human intervention, most notably at Milk Hill in July 2011 and Avebury in August 2012. Moreover, at Milk Hill in 2011 I personally witnessed the kind of frenzied military activity that has become a part of crop circle folklore and legend, including black unmarked apache helicopters, swooping low over the formation, in a manner very similar to that recorded by Andy Buckley in the East Field in 2007.

A story that has always intrigued me was that documented by Colin Andrews in the summer of 2009. It involved an off duty police officer, driving along the A4, who witnessed several tall blonde figures standing in a crop formation in a field directly opposite Silbury Hill. “At first he thought they were forensic officers as they were dressed in white coveralls“, Colin Andrews explained, “He stopped his car and approached the field. The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair. They seemed to be inspecting the crop. When he got to the edge of the field he heard what he believed to be a sound not dissimilar to static electricity. This crackling noise seemed to be running through the field and the crop was moving gently close to where the noise was moving“. I have driven along this route many times myself and investigated a crop formation in the very same field, in almost the exact same location, in late June 2013. There is certainly a profound energy about that specific location, as my dowsing appeared to confirm. The paranormal activity that the police officer experienced in the days following his encounter – electrical malfunctions, rapping, shadowy black figures – confirmed, at least in my mind, that crop circles, both “genuine” and man-made, are part of a much wider paranormal phenomenon. Compare this with Andy Buckley’s experience in the East Field in the summer of 2007. Andy Buckley also witnessed several men dressed in white coveralls, whom he also believed to be police or forensic officers. These strange men would not engage in conversation other than to warn Andy not to enter the field. Andy ignored this warning, and captured on film some remarkable footage of an unmarked black Apache helicopter hovering dangerously low over the formation. You can see this footage for yourself in the documentary “Oh to Catch a Circle maker”, which is available on YouTube. Andy Buckley’s Geiger counter was also beeping to indicate dangerous levels of radiation but, inexplicably, the readings were giving no indication of radiation whatsoever. It is also interesting to note, too, that both Andy and several other people were subsequently sick and suffered headaches, as did the off duty police officer in 2009. Andy Buckley believed that the Apache was the source of these bizarre readings, but I would suggest it was there to observe and record the same energetic anomaly. In the summer of 2012 I visited a formation in the East Field. The farmer had cut the formation out but I went in to explore nevertheless. The energy inside the formation was oppressive to say the least – I would even suggest that it was menacing – and I felt compelled to leave and get out of there as quickly as possible. Although the photographs I took came out, the video that I shot did not. I have never been able to explain that, but electrical equipment has often been known to fail in crop circles.

I am increasingly leaning towards a less beneficent and benevolent interpretation of the crop circle phenomenon. The appropriately titled “Team Satan”, who are behind many of the man-made circles – but not, alas, behind all of them – have even confirmed the presence of shadow beings and white balls of light whilst hoaxing the formations. Indeed, complex man-made formations seem to have the same effect on the energy field and human consciousness that apparently genuine formations have, something that the crop circle purists refuse to countenance. I believe we are dealing with a phenomenon that is indeed non-human, but which can encroach on human consciousness – thereby allowing this force or energy to manipulate the physical medium through human conduits – to create the complex patterns that we see in the fields every summer. It is widely accepted that ancient man, the priest kings and shamans of antiquity, understood that inscribing sacred patterns into the earth, such as the hexagram and the pentagram, created an energetic distortion through which the “Gods” could temporarily manifest in our reality.

I don’t think it stretches the bounds of credulity too far to suggest that todays crop circles have the same effect.


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