MH370: My thoughts so far…


As Sherlock Holmes once famously told Dr Watson, “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. My gut feeling is that the apparent disappearance of Flight MH370 is a very carefully orchestrated hoax, for reasons that I cannot yet fathom. The manner in which information is being released in a piecemeal and incremental fashion – one moment the plane could be in this ocean, then it could be in another location, thousands of miles away – smacks of deliberate misdirection and obfuscation. Yes, we have all read about the grieving and angry relatives. But crisis actors have been used in many recent psy ops and false flag attacks, including Sandy Hook. My suspicions were first aroused when it became all too clear that the photographs purporting to show the alleged Iranian passengers were, in fact, photoshopped; both men had been superimposed onto the same lower body. This was even picked up by the Daily Mail. Any good stage illusionist will get his audience to look in one direction in order to conceal the sleight of hand. What is unfolding is nothing short of a narrative straight from the pages of a Hollywood sci-fi movie.


But let’s put the theorising aside for a brief moment, and look at the hard facts. In spite of the combined efforts of the US, Australian and Chinese military – indeed, in spite of the announcement made by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, that Flight MH370 had crashed into the Indian Ocean – the plane has still not been found. We are asked to believe that in this age of high technology and mass surveillance, when even a mobile phone can pin point your location to within centimetres, a commercial airliner carrying hundreds of passengers can simply disappear without trace. Until something tangible emerges in the form of discernible wreckage, I will maintain a healthy scepticism about the narrative that is being propagated by the major news outlets.


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