Light anomalies and mysterious helicopters Avebury / Alton Barnes 8/9th April 2014





Crop circle season has not yet begun but still a two day stay in Wiltshire earlier this week provided some very strange experiences, to say the least. I personally witnessed two black Apache helicopters, on some kind of night time training exercise, (Tuesday night 11:15 -11:30pm ish) land in a field, before appearing to circle the area in which I was staying, which was approximately equidistant between Alton Barnes and Avebury. Speaking to the landlord of the Barge Inn the next morning, it became clear that he, too, had witnessed the helicopters as well as a white ball of light. Only minutes before this conversation, I photographed and filmed what appeared to be a white ball of light from the top of Milk Hill. It is also of interest to note that this was preceded by helicopter activity in almost the exact same location (an army squirrel). On closer inspection of the pictures, I believe the light anomaly that I captured was a trick of the light; possibly a farm house reflecting sunlight, although I cannot confirm that right now. Maybe someone who knows the area better can help me? Nevertheless, the helicopter activity the night before was real, it was intimidating, and it was unusual. According to the manager of the bed and breakfast where I was staying, military training exercises in the spring were rare, especially beyond the hours of 11pm.

I will update this post when I know more.


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