Peaches Geldof Dead After Revealing Secret Society Initiation

As was reported last year, Peaches Geldof had been initiated into the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Oriental Templars) an occult fraternity once lead by Aleister Crowley. If people are looking for a real life “Illuminati” then this organisation does not disappoint. The upper grades of the order even use the term “Illuminati” and candidates for the higher levels are initiated into the secrets of “Sex magic”. Another famous initiate of the OTO was Jack Parsons, the rocket scientist. Parsons was mysteriously killed by an explosion at his home in 1952 but, like Peaches Geldof, had experienced strange paranormal phenomena in the weeks and months leading up to his death, including disembodied voices, and violent poltergeist activity. Parsons’ own protégée, Ron Hubbard, would eventually give the world Scientology. The OTO was one of many occult fraternities that emerged in central Europe – specifically the kingdoms of Germany – in the 19th Century. What many people call the “Illuminati” is really a network of interlocking secret societies administered and steered by the very inner sanctum of the Knights Templar. There is far more to the demise of the Templars than even alternative historians would imagine. The Knights Templar, during their extensive excavations of the ruins of Solomon’s Temple rediscovered the secrets of the magus and the ancient priest kings: the knowledge of how to raise, and commune, with the “Gods”. It is no coincidence that there was a major proliferation of UFO sightings in 1947 only days after Hubbard and Parsons had conducted a magical ritual called the Babylon working.


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